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This might sound too biblical because we are all familiar of the concept that the world was created by the Supreme being ex nihilo, or from nothing. However, this does not imply though that I was created out of nothingness. The idea of Ex Nihilo is that the Almighty One created everything from nothingness out of love—and I want to emphasize on love.

I was created out of love and nurtured with love by my family. I was born on 02 February 1995 in the beautiful place called Cebu, Philippines. From the moment of birth up until today has been a series of ups and downs which made me who I am today. My baby steps, literally and figuratively, became avenue for a series of discoveries which I am willing to share with you. As the famous latin dictum would say, “Nebo dat quod non habet”, that is “you cannot give what you do not have”, I will impart to you all that I experience—from the people whom I love to the things I love to do—because, just like the Universe, from nothing, I became something… or, from being no one, I became someone.

I am Eunice, and I welcome you to my universe… youreuniverse.

Section 2: I’m the Last but Definitely not the Least… Just like Pluto

I am the youngest among the three siblings. However, I am definitely not the last in terms of career nor competencies. Although competition is present to some family set up, mine revolves on cooperation. My idea of family is circular wherein we revolve for each other and to each other because, after all, this is where I experienced love and to love.

Just like a normal family, there are squabbling, and sometimes serious fights. My family experienced these too to the point that one has to leave the family circle. My father and mother got separated. It was a challenging moment because the love that was concentrated to a loving home will be was in trouble of being diluted. Even so, we did not let it happen. Yes, there were disappointments but love is way stronger than hate. We condemned the action not the person because no matter how long it takes, human beings have the capacity to change for good.

Instead of letting the foundation of our family undergo dilapidation, we strive harder to make it even more steadfast. None of struggled alone. We struggled together. And that was the specific point in life that we discovered that we were indomitable because we were together. Our experiences were our means to fuel up in order to succeed in life.

Each of us has our own career path and even if I were the youngest, I am very proud to say that I have established myself. In my college days, I experienced selling ham sandwich to my classmates. I am not ashamed of it because that was the call of the moment in order to help my family and sustain my needs. I also became a call center agent which helped me improve my communication skills. After graduation, I worked in one of the biggest food manufacturing companies in the Philippines as part of the learning and development team in the Human Resources Department. I worked so hard up until I was transferred to the Sales and Marketing Division for Frontline Talent and Development. Because of my dedication and loyalty, I am currently a Supervisor Trainee handling two sections. Training people became not only my passion but also my mission in life. As I am a leader myself, it is my responsibility to help others discover their potentials and make more leaders. Well, my mother did not raise a girl. She raised a strong independent woman who is able to run the world. 😉

Section 3: Love Conquers All… It shines bright like the Sun

Aside from my family’s love to me, I also had a fair share of exclusive relationships.

I believe that love is not a fairy tale. I ain’t no princess but I deserve true love that is tested by fire rather than your typical true love’s kiss from a total stranger.

Currently, I am in a long term relationship for nine years already. My partner and I showed the world that love conquers all. Our love bore fruit. Unfortunately, that fruit fell out of the tree too early. I had a miscarriage. It was so devastating after all the anticipation of creating my own family. However, because of the love that my partner gave me alongside my family’s and friends’, I was able to cope up gradually and accepted the misfortune. I became stronger not only because of my own efforts but because of the love that was given to me. It may sound cliché but it is real. Love is one, true, good, and beautiful…with the right people.

Section 4: Just Like Gravity, the Sea Attracts Me

Yes! I am a Thalassophile. It’s as if the sea is calling me to come to her cold yet comforting embrace. Because of that, I became a free diver. I have reached 12 meters deep and I still plan to go even deeper.

Why am I doing this? Is this about recreation or something profound? It’s both, actually. After working so hard, I deserve to unwind and wash my stress away. It’s some sort of a personal ablution wherein the water’s surface tension slowly stripped my problems off and resurfaced calm and relaxed. Well, we all want to release stress in any way possible, right?

Now, the profound purpose why I love to free dive is to have a sense of connectedness. Water’s cohesive properties teaches me to be one with myself and with nature. Every time I free dive, the deeper I get, the clearer my mind is because of all the focus and control that I do. I do not know if you experienced this but if I set myself to a specific goal, I tend to feel all the minute details in my surrounding. I obtain self-awareness. It’s as if I experienced, too, the Ecstasy of Sta. Teresa wherein I have a mystical experience every time I dive into the depths of Poseidon’s turf… more like a state of transcendence.

Free diving is never easy. Discipline is necessary. Process is very much essential and there is no room for shortcuts. as there are no shortcuts. With this, I would love to share to you all about my free diving experiences so that you, too, would hAve a glimpse of its beauty. 😍

Section 5: Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart

I am writing this not only because I do not have anything to do but because I am thankful for what I have received in life. Yes, the world did not promise us a bed of roses. Thorny days will come but it is on these days that we will be able to give value to life and make the best out of it.

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