Beautiful Wednesday - Great Cityscape and Urban Exploration at Konstytutsii Square

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2 years ago

Foggy morning, a glimpse of sun rays, and vibrant colors of trees from my window, these all define my Indiana Summer Morning. The atmosphere is crisp, chilly, and forces me to sneeze around but on the other hand, it's hard to stop my soul from going out. After all, beautiful nature is waiting outside for me. It would be unjustified if I don't admire such beauty every day.

Current work schedule is tight, moreover, due to cold weather, my energy level decreased than before. I barely can move my body, which I used to do last winter and my body is slowly adapting to this weather fluctuation. I can clearly feel the arrival of winter and try myself to keep safe so that I don't get sick. Time management is very important which I often fail to manage, I don't know how or why but I often messed up the schedule when I feel pressure. Instead of prioritizing and finishing everything one by one, I try to finish all at once which causes anxiety and stress. Anyway, for now, everything is going smoothly.

Yesterday I had to go to Rymarskaya street for some paperwork. Also, I had an appointment for an important meeting which I needed to finish on time. Time is very precious and sometimes hard to maintain as per schedule. I always have to go to this location for any of my document work, this street is known for office work, immigration and translation, and notaries. So, for any kind of paperwork, I have to go to Rymarskaya first.

After finishing one meeting, I had a few hours in my hand before another meeting. I have spent my whole day within this territory mostly. Let me tell you one specific thing, Rymarskaya street is a very popular administrative street after Konstitution Square. Most of the business and office buildings are located here even some government territorial offices are situated here as well. Rymarskaya street is very close to Sumuskaya street and Konstitutskii Square. So, one can finish all of his paper works here if they are lucky. Konstitutskii Square is more popular for trade centers, business offices, and for Mayor's office.

The architecture is rich here, especially old soviet buildings and neo-classical buildings that will help you to understand and explore the history of Kharkiv. Many buildings were damaged and demolished during the war and later reconstruction happened. It always feels good to explore the long street from Rymaskaya to Konstitutsii. The appearance, exterior facades of the buildings leaves remarkable experiences on an individual's mind.

This is the biggest Thermometer of Kharkiv city that shows the temperature of every day. This prominent building and concept clearly attract a tourist and welcome people to explore the Second largest City of Ukraine.

The touches of warm, colorful fall are everywhere now, especially in front of restaurants or retail shops. The entrances are decorated in a lovely way and very inviting.

Obviously, I had to take some pictures of beautiful golden straws, pumpkins, and colorful Chrysanthemums. Only during autumn, you will see such wonderful decorations, rest of the year, you won't notice such things.

After leaving Rymarskaya street, I have reached the starting point of large Sumuskaya Street. My destination was Konstitutskii Square as there was nothing to do at Rymaskaya street. I was thinking to spend some time at Konstitutskii Square and after that, I will return and attend the meeting.

This is one of the crowdest points in Kharkiv, people go to different parts of the city from here. I barely could see any friendly people here, I mean one can easily understand the busy and corporate life by seeing the facial expression and atmosphere of the spot.

Buildings are worthy to see, at least they deserve a glimpse of appreciation after all they are holding the pride of Kharkiv. The unique appearance and decorative facade of each building are surely eye-catching during daylight.

While walking on the street, I have discovered such details of the building. Remarkable masonry stone work and details of the columns and shafts can easily catch the eyes of a passerby or a tourist. Carving's work is so detailed and carries the significance of the building. Some buildings are 60-70 years old

Walking on such streets is relaxing, I just can only imagine and explore the historical perspective. It's a pleasant feeling, only those will understand whoever gets a chance to walk on such streets. The experience of exploring culture, attractive architecture is something that hardly you will get in life.

Here few more perspective pictures of the building which I have found attractive and worthy to share. I am sure many will find similarities with your own city. Most of these buildings are administrative office buildings. People don't live here.

Finally, after 30 minutes of walking from Rymarskaya Street, I reached my destiny Nikolsky. I went to the 3rd floor for lunch. There is a beautiful restaurant with a balcony from where you can see the beauty of Konstitutskii Square. I have heard that their latte is really good and also wanted to spend some time there for gathering new experiences.

And here are some city view photographs that I have taken from the 3rd floor balcony. From here, alekxander bell tower and other beautiful building can be seen of konstitutskii square. This is one of the prominent node point of the city.

3 hours passed just like that and after finishing lunch we head back to our meeting. I noticed how beautiful sunny weather turned into a dark cloudy evening, yes, daytime is short here and darkness come here early.

Really enjoyed my hectic day after all I have explored many things all at once and made my day a productive beautiful Wednesday...

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