A midnight stowaway

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One night like any other, there was a young man named Joe, that young man with a brilliant mind and very studious as usual every night he sat in front of the window of his room to observe the beauty of the stars and the darkness that did not let you see absolutely nothing.

After a couple of hours of routine observation, Joe heard a sound coming from the bottom of his house, it was something terrifying because the young man knew that his parents were already asleep and his sister was not at home, among so much noise Joe decided to go downstairs and investigate by himself what was happening.

For Joe it was a huge surprise to find a cat looking in the pantry bags, not knowing how to act he just kept watching the animal and it simply decided to ignore that the young man was there and continued looking for something to eat, Joe knew it was wrong what the animal was doing. But he also knew that he must have been very hungry not to be afraid of the young man and keep looking for food.

During the following nights Joe would go down to the kitchen to meet with that mysterious Cat who every night returned as if it were his house to look for food, those two stopped being strangers and every day their friendship was growing. For the young man it was incredible to have a visitor and furthermore a companion.

Joe had few friends, none that he could count on and the simple fact that that animal came to his home every day was great, somehow that loneliness was being filled by that animal and Joe was gradually becoming fond of the cat.

One day Joe went down to see his friend but to his surprise he did not arrive, not losing faith he waited all night for his companion and he did not arrive, sadness invaded Joe and without knowing what had happened he decided to go up to his room to rest and wait for his companion the next day.

While Joe was on his way to school he saw in the street a cat similar to his friend, he decided to follow him which took him a long time since the animal should not walk as if something was waiting for him and he had to arrive quickly, when finally the cat stopped he looked back and saw Joe, the happiness in the animal was so great that he walked towards his companion as if he was his master and approached him so that he could make him love him.

Joe for his part was relieved to see his companion and that he had recognized him and ran out to greet him. Both lonely companions were thrilled.

After a while of so many caresses Joe's mysterious companion decided to leave and follow his way Joe followed him and they arrived to a hole in a log to Joe's surprise his companion was not alone in the hole there were some small cats that had been happy to see the cat, Joe was able to understand everything. That cat was a female cat that was only looking for food for her children and that is why she had stopped going home, maybe her little ones needed her and she could not leave them alone unless she was looking for food.

Joe had understood that the mysterious midnight companion had a family and beyond that she had a duty to fulfill and that was to feed her babies, animals have a great sense of motherhood probably greater than that of humans. Joe decided to write his story and also to start and form a foundation for homeless animals. This way he could help not only his companion but also her family. Knowing that she was no longer alone Joe chose to help them all.

After many years. Joe is my person. He has managed to maintain a good relationship with the animals, maybe I didn't have the companions that everyone else has, but I had a companion that opened my eyes to have a better understanding of nature, no matter what we should do when it comes to taking care of our animals, the most reasonable thing to do is not to do nothing and to keep looking for something better every day.

The most reasonable thing is to breathe and feel alive, I love you my dear readers, see you later and a new day.

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