Youth does not mean irresponsibility, nor does adulthood mean responsibility

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Something that I have been told several times and that refers to certain experiences that I have lived recently, is that youth generates distrust in different people who are looking to rent something or sell something, and as an example I must say that a few weeks ago I wanted to rent an apartment and they gave me many obstacles to make the contract when I offered them to pay the whole year in advance.

When you talk about the opportunity to receive the whole annual contract in advance and in cash, you might think that it is a great opportunity because you can use all the money before the end of the contract, but the reality is that in my case it did not matter that I offered this, but they kept demanding me to pay an insurance against non-payment (it is difficult to stop paying when I have already paid everything before), so I did not see any other reason for this to happen other than being a young foreigner.

I understand that many young people do things that deteriorate properties or lack economic stability, but generalization is becomes a problem when it starts to make us miss good opportunities or fall into bad investments that we can't get out of and where I can say several examples as well, such as the case of Archegos Capital.

It could be assumed that adulthood is synonymous with maturity or responsibility, but the reality is that adults are big children, and by this I mean that they may look older, with white hair or wrinkles on their faces, but they are still the same people they were in the past, although with more experiences that make them make better decisions, but they still make mistakes in what they do not know, as well as getting carried away by things they have not been able to understand or control.

Adulthood does not mean economic stability in all cases, because although it is "expected" that an adult has a higher income, the reality is that people can lose their jobs, be swindled, go bankrupt in a business, and simply make bad decisions, and not "expecting" this to happen, does not mean that it does not happen, because there is always the possibility of living something like this.

Stereotypes are good in cases where we must be attentive to what we have in front of us, but they start to be bad when they are the reason why we let go different opportunities, and as an example I must comment that the person who gave me obstacles to rent, asked me if I was still interested in renting after I had signed the contract with another person who gave me the opportunity, and this person received a new renter the same day he gave the rental publication while the other was 1 month without renting and missed the opportunity to receive the full year in advance.

Let's be careful with generalizations.

It is good that there is opposition in all things.

I do not remember exactly how old I was when I heard and learned this phrase for the first time, however, I am sure that at that time it did not have as much meaning as it does now. I vaguely remember not being taught the phrase, I know I read it, I remember it catching my attention, I even remember underlining it, but the meaning it had for me at the time, I'm sure, I didn't know what it is really like to have difficulties.

In recent days I have thought several times about this phrase, I was thinking precisely about all the time I have been learning about this teaching, telling myself how much I understand it, how learning this helped me in the past and how it currently helps me in the circumstances I am living. But how difficult it is to make a catharsis for me without falling into reasoning, and start philosophizing, when I believe that something is more complex than it seems to be, so I allow myself to share with you what I come to think about this subject.
It is simple: to be happy you need to know sadness, to know that something is sweet you must know what is bitter, to know what is success you must know what is failure, and so I could continue and make a long list of statements that show the point, but there are many factors behind, for example, decision making is a crucial factor, the ability we have to differentiate before choosing and the ability of attraction that options have on us.

Who doesn't have a hard time making a decision? That is the real challenge, because the model of life we have is that we are attracted to one or the other. Now it is even more challenging to make the decision when we do not know the details of what we are about to choose, that is why knowledge is important, but there is the problem that some things are made to be attractive to attract our attention and we select them, but they are not always the best option.
No matter if we choose wrong, because perhaps we were deceived, it is that this experience is a learning experience, some take little time to understand that it was not the right decision and rectify appreciating and valuing much more what is right, but others take more time to be convinced that they live in a deception and are not fully happy, but that is another issue, not all learn at the same pace, but there are also those who spend their whole life in the deception and die that way.

Another dilemma is to convince ourselves that what we are suffering is part of a learning process, because perhaps we chose well, but the road that leads to positive results is rough, a slow journey, where happiness or success cannot be glimpsed in the distance, and we can only keep moving forward, mainly out of conviction, feeling sure that it is the right path, until we reach the goal and understand that it was a learning process, that the opposition was necessary.
Maybe our sufferings are also consequences of our bad decisions, they are not part of the path that leads to success, maybe it was a bad shortcut or we simply got out of the way, but they are still opposition and will remain so until we return to the path, but it is still learning, because if we get out of that situation, it will never happen to us again.
Leaving behind so many figurative words, I try to say that whatever is happening to us we must have the ability to take advantage of it whether we have chosen well or not, that it is an opportunity for growth, opposition is necessary, and there is no way to say it nicely, there is no other way to know the good without first knowing the bad, in the broad sense of the word, we cannot live in a state of endless innocence, like a child who does not know so many things.
That is why these days I have tried in the most positive way possible, to take everything that happens to me as a learning process, that opposition is necessary and that I must move forward until I achieve my objectives, that this will make me stronger and wiser. Uff is extremely difficult, and it gets more complicated when you are of a certain age where you understand life more and you don't want to give yourself the luxury of making mistakes.

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Self-esteem is the person we can all be. Someone who is concerned with knowing themselves and their role in the world. Its essential characteristic is the awareness it has of itself, of its capabilities and potential as well as its limitations, which it tends to accept without denying them, although it does not focus on them, it is always there to look for more favorable solutions.

As he knows and values himself, he works on taking care of his body and watches his habits to avoid that those that harm him can be perpetuated. He filters his thoughts emphasizing the positive ones, tries to be emotionally up most of the time, in joy and enthusiasm, and when situations lead him to feel angry or sad he expresses those states in the best possible way without hiding them neurotically. Self-esteem is also the confidence we have in ourselves as well as in the positive forces we have to face the day to day. This confidence is the guide to take risks, to try new paths and possibilities; to see alternatives in circumstances where most people see no way out. These are the characteristics that make a person express him/herself in unknown terrain with faith and always with the disposition to succeed.

When you are confident in who you are, you do not need justifications or explanations in order to be accepted. When differences of opinion arise, trusting in oneself makes criticism acceptable and used for growth. The one who lives from a sufficiently strong self-esteem, assumes responsibility for his life, his actions and the consequences that these can bring. He does not look for culprits but for solutions. The problems become a "how to", and instead of feeling sorry for not achieving what he wants, the self-esteemed person will consider the possible ways to obtain them. Responsibility is answering to someone, and that someone is himself or God in case his vision of life is spiritual.

He takes as a gift the power to influence his destiny and works on it. Who lives in this state does not leave things to chance, but promotes the desired results and accepts in the best possible way what happens.

Although the person with stable self-esteem may like to talk a lot, his actions will speak for him as much or more than his words. Those who live confident in their power, love life and demonstrate it in every act. They are not afraid to unleash their power even though they may value prudence and respect the rules of each context. Showing affection, saying "I love you", flattering and physically touching, are natural behaviors in those who esteem themselves, as they enjoy themselves and their relationship with people. The way of linking is quite free and without the typical chain of prejudices that culturally bind the devalued. In this expressiveness, it is safe to observe limits, since in order to express oneself, it is not necessary to attack or annul anyone's argument.

And finally let's remember that self-esteem is created by each person, some of them hurting themselves, that is to say, with all that insecurity they create in themselves that leads them to fall and not achieve what they really want and have proposed, on the other hand there are those who believe in themselves and achieve everything they dreamed of as children. I hope you all liked it and that it has helped you as much as it has helped me. Remember that self-love is paramount as well as self-confidence, a big hug to everyone!

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