What are Sage's Benifits for Mental Health

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Sage is a Mediterranean plant that has become increasingly popular in recent years in a variety of settings. The powerful and distinct aroma of this herb, which has been used in my family, draws attention.

In the summer, the magical sage plant, which keeps green throughout the year and never leaves, blooms in purple, blue, and pink colors. Sage, which is related to mint and has many uses and health advantages, has received a lot of attention in recent years.

The benefits of sage, which can be used as a spice, smoked, or brewed as a tea, are suggested by both alternative and orthodox medicine. Furthermore, one of the most well-known characteristics is the calming effect it produces. It aids relaxation by alleviating stress and weariness.

Other than herbal tea, sage has a variety of uses. Sage is also very useful for skin health, thanks to its properties, which are especially preferred in the cosmetics business. When you include regular skin care in your routine, you can reduce the affects of aging and maintain a vibrant and youthful appearance.

Sage Tea Preparation

The most frequent way to consume this miracle herb is as a tea, which raises the issue of how to prepare sage in everyone's mind. This tea, which is produced from dry or wet sage leaves, can be used to treat a variety of ailments and even to strengthen the body. Sage is extremely simple to brew and offers numerous health advantages due to its antioxidant characteristics. Depending on your preference, you can use fresh or dried sage leaves.

So, how do you make sage tea? All you have to do is combine the leaves and water in a pot and bring to a boil. You can let it brew for a few minutes and let the taste settle, just like black and green tea, for a more aromatic and tasty result. You can add lemon after it has been brewed if you want it to have a different aroma.

You can also use bottled sage tea if you have trouble preparing tea in a short amount of time due to your busy schedule. Packaged teas are produced from dried sage leaves, just like when you make your own. Furthermore, its packaging makes it incredibly convenient and hygienic to carry in your luggage or maintain in your office.

Sage not only protects you against infections, but it also has a significant effect on your emotional well-being. Your stress level rises dramatically, especially on days when you don't have any time off from work. When you consume sage at these moments, it lowers your stress level and allows you to relax and unwind.

This amazing plant has a relaxing effect and is frequently used before key presentations and tests. Sage's soothing impact, according to experts, is especially essential in the treatment of depression. Finally, due to its sedative impact, it aids persons with sleep issues in falling asleep faster.

The usage of sage for burning has expanded dramatically in recent years. By altering the energy of a place, burning sage is thought to alleviate stress and anxiety. It has been discovered that the scent that is released when it is burned has a stimulating effect on nerve cells, which promotes creativity.

Burning sage enhances productivity and creativity, especially in business contexts. Finally, sage is supposed to break the germs around you due to its antibacterial characteristics. As a result, whether you are unwell or have been sick, you can burn sage to purify your home. To put it another way, the list of sage's benefits is limitless.

When ingesting sage, as with everything else, pay attention to the dosage. When taken in large quantities, this therapeutic plant might create health concerns. Excessive sage use can result in minor side effects like nausea and vomiting, as well as significant concerns including heart disease and kidney difficulties.

As a result, it is suggested that you do not exceed the dosage prescribed by professionals. So, if we're asking how much sage should be consumed daily, we may say that a few glasses of sage can be consumed everyday with peace of mind.

Beneficial bacteria that makes us smart..

Our body is not alone, we are accompanied by billions of bacteria and often fungi or parasites and even viruses that live inside our body, we have bacteria on the skin, we have bacteria on the mucous membranes, in our digestive system and in many other places, but Without a doubt, the most important combination of bacteria that we all know is in the colon in the part of our intestine.

This intestinal microbiota has been shown to have an infinity of effects for us, it can affect our immune system, it can affect our ability to defend ourselves against infection, it can affect our digestion and even, as I mentioned, it can affect our mood, and our cognitive performance and it's not two or three bacteria going around we are talking about 100 trillion bacteria, that is, we have three times more microorganisms in our intestine than cells in the entire body (this is possible because microorganisms and bacteria are much smaller than our cells)

All these organisms were not just there in passing, because they entered with the food and are going to leave with the fecal matter, they fulfill key roles such as controlling the functioning of your nervous system, absorbing nutrients, training the immune system, etc. and obviously when we have a vision it is an alteration of this bacterial flora that today the vast majority of people have is much more likely to generate diseases and also accelerate the normal aging process of our body.

Not only normal flora or microbiota in places like the intestine or the skin, but also in places that we would never have imagined as the brain. I thought that the brain was sterile, that it could be infected with bacteria and cause serious illness, but bacteria did not exist under normal conditions. as it happens with the intestine and in fact the studies that evaluate this possible microbiota of the brain found bacteria in the brain that are very similar to those that live in our intestine.

Today we all know that the worse intestinal flora I have, the worse our destiny will work out, and the more digestive problems I will have, with the same criteria that you think will happen with the microbiota of your brain, we still know extremely little about these bacteria but if indeed there is a brain microcrack, it is logical to take care of it and maintain a balance so that our brain works better, but the microbiota of our intestine, in addition to the functions that I mentioned, digests part of the food that we cannot digest, such as fiber and from that produces substances that with very little originality we call post biotics.

These substances can be those of vitamins such as vitamin K or vitamin B12 to neurotransmitters and hormones such as serotonin, many of these substances are associated with the proper functioning of the brain, for example, the increased production that bacteria can give us of vitamin A , improves spatial memory and the generation of new neurons in the hippocampus, with which maintaining healthy values ​​of vitamins means helping your brain renew neurons and orienting easier and good values ​​of vitamin b12 help prevent dementia and are necessary for the proper functioning of the nerves.

Many people experience difficulty concentrating when you have just low B12 values, due to having followed a very restrictive diet and these bacteria also produce Arginine which is an amino acid that is normally used as a vasodilator, it enlarges the size of your arteries for muscle training, but the brain fulfills a crucial function that is increases nitric oxide dilates these but cerebral arteries and this means more oxygen in the brain and less degeneration due to age.

And this is not even all, there are not so many bacteria that my body can produce B12 for that reason it has to be supplemented, but there are many bacteria that, if they are well fed, will produce ketone bodies, such as beta hydroxybutyrate, which are substances that a lot of People associate diets like the brilliant keto that are known to improve your cognitive performance and also slow down aging and brain damage, so the better the flora, the less cognitive deterioration with age I will have and better performance.

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It is incredible all the benefits that we can get with sage. I would like to try some tea.

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