Unavoidable fate (let's play) part #3 End

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Several weeks have passed and the young Anton and Flora still remember clearly everything that happened but they also don't understand how it all ended so quickly. They can't figure out if the strange energy really dissolved or if it just hid to come back stronger, "It was an incredible paranormal experience" says Anton, luckily nothing bad happened, Flora on the other hand thinks that it is not over yet and says "it seems strange to me that everything ended in that way, besides, Franklin has not gone to class since that day and that has had me worried and thinking for several days and, yes, did something happen to him? , Anton answers "I don't think so, although we can go and visit him to find out". Both friends head towards Franklin's house but the first thing they notice is that it seems that the house has been uninhabited for several months. Anton knocks on the door "knock" "knock" "knock" has no answer so he decides to enter, while Flora is a little more timid and says "we better not go in, if nobody comes out it's because they don't want visitors" Anton ignores and decides to open the door, the first thing he notices is that everything inside is worse than outside the house, there is a lot of dust and spider web, also you can see a kind of red trail on the floor, Then Flora says "you better listen to me, let's go, this is not right" Anton looks at Flora again and answers coldly "if something happened to Franklin it is our duty to help him as he did" to the surprise of both young people, Franklin was in that place, sitting on a chair with his back turned and the young Anton and Flora cannot see his face. We were afraid that something had happened to you, this house seems to have been abandoned for a long time and where are your parents? In a second Franklin disappears from the chair and both young men get scared and start screaming (desperate) then when he tries to leave the house the door suddenly closes and Franklin stands at the exit. The boys stop and when they see Franklin's back they are terrified, (his eyes were bloodshot, it was not clear if his pupils were still in place or had been removed from his mouth, there was a kind of slimy liquid coming out of his mouth, the fluid falling to the ground secreted a kind of putrid smell, his arms and legs had scars all over them as if he had self-injured himself). Anton says, what happened to you? Franklin looks at both young men and smiles then says "you gave me the opportunity to know the true eternal life" Flora scared says "you don't look like you are going to live long, you are in a state of decomposition" Franklin starts to scream and inexplicable and unintelligible sounds echo throughout the house, both young Anton and Flora run upstairs, Even worse was when they opened the wardrobe door, both parents were alive but with a kind of tranquilizer, they did not respond and they were not aware of what was happening, their stay was devastating but if they did not get out of there soon they would end up dying of hunger or even worse of some disease due to poor nutrition.

Hiding with both parents were Anton and Flora, almost two hours had already passed in that place and the patience and time was running out for everyone, Anton decides to come up with a plan, probably who is controlling Franklin is the same evil entity that was terrorizing us before, so there is nothing left but to challenge him to play a game but which one? Flora answers "We must find something in which we can beat that (thing) without harming Franklin" At that moment we hear some footsteps approaching slowly towards the place where they were hiding, a shadow is glimpsed under the door, both young people anxious and very afraid decide that the best way is to separate and that one of the two manage to get out first and look for help, The moment they open the door their surprise is such when they observe that it was not Franklin, Antonella, a young companion of both boys was spying on them and worried because no one was leaving the house and they had been inside for a long time, she decided to go and look for them, both boys asked "How did you get in and why are you here? Antonella answers "I was just passing by this neighbourhood and I saw the moment you both entered this house, besides it seemed strange to me that Franklin being so educated and prepared in classes has more than 1 month without attending, so why don't you tell me what is going on here? "Anton answers Antonella "You have come to the wrong place at the wrong time, now you won't be able to leave easily and you will have to prepare yourself to see the strangest thing you have ever seen" -Antonella "I think you were saying very strange things, besides I really don't see anything strange in this place other than you being in a wardrobe" at that moment Franklin appears "You are all going to die in this place insolent children" that broken and sharp voice at the same time seemed to be watching a horror movie in person, The three young people run out quickly to Franklin's room that was at the end of the corner in the moment that they are going to close the door Flora is taken of the leg of strange form and winged until taking it out of the room, while Anton and Antonella manage to close the door without realizing that Flora had been captured, Antonella begins to cry in terror while Anton decides once and for all to confront Antonella once again "What is happening with Franklin did not look like him" Anton " we must find a way to get rid of this evil entity that has Franklin and the only way is to challenge him to play a game where if I win he must leave forever and if he wins he will only keep my soul" Antonella can not believe it and Anton does not think of explaining anything else, He decides to go out and look for Franklin, but when he opens the door, that dark entity has shown its true face, Anton our destiny has always been to meet and sooner or later your soul will be mine" said that (evil thing) while Anton answers "you will know how important it is to have great friends and more when you hurt one of them you will wish you had not appeared in my way, I challenge you to a game in which the winner will have to leave forever and if I lose you will only have me and you will leave" The evil entity began to observe and closed his fist as if accepting the challenge. Anton decides to play the game in which he had the best skill, if you manage to capture me before 5 minutes you win but if I escape you win".

Anton closes the door and places different obstacles so that this thing does not pass while Franklin easily knocks down everything in its path, at the moment he enters the room he does not manage to find Anton, so he notices that the window was open, when Anton manages to get down, Franklin was already downstairs watching and Anton shouts "you are very deceitful, while Franklin throws himself on Anton, At this moment he manages to make contact with Franklin's soul which tells him "there is a place in the house where the evil entity does not come near and you must go there", Anton quickly follows the voice that advises him to go to the altar where there is an image of a man known and venerated as a kind of saint, an Indian shaman known by the locals as the (ILLUMINATED) one who could see everything beyond his reach and that for some reason the entity could not get close to his image, Anton knelt in front of the painting and the entity reached the place but could not take a step somehow only the simple image of the Indian did not allow it to approach, Anton went further and took the image what he had not noticed was that behind the painting was a kind of seal and it was the same that had the beast on his forehead somehow who had placed that seal on the painting had also done so on the evil entity, The strangest thing is that the one who had painted that picture had been Anton's father, then everything began to make sense, the evil entity that was destined to get with Anton always everywhere was the same one that his father had portrayed for Franklin's parents, Who are you? said Anton, why did my father do that painting and does it have the same mark on your body? Franklin (The entity) answers "I am your unborn brother despised by our parents and forgotten in the history of their lives, that's why I want to take you too" Anton collapses and starts to cry he doesn't understand how it all happened but he feels torn to hear something like that, then he says "I can't fight you, you are my brother and although I didn't have the chance to meet you I want to tell you that our parents didn't forget you somehow the pregnancy went wrong and mom lost the embryo, but I don't stop seeing every night my mom crying for your sudden loss" The entity starts to leave Franklin's body and he starts to make sense of his surroundings then, The entity turns into a young man and says "Somehow you have freed me, plus you have won, it's been 5 min, thank you).

| Although it seems strange this story, according to great believers say that the souls that are forgotten lose their way and those embryos or babies that die before being born, in the human or earthly life are physically no longer found but spiritually they continue to grow.

This story is totally imaginary, I hope you liked it, it was a lot of fun to write it for you, Happy Sunday.

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