The immortslizacion of the most special moments in my life

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Throughout my pregnancy I was planning so many things I could do with my daughter. The truth is that there are endless things, but what caused me the most anxiety was the moment of her arrival, as the months passed my anxiety for the arrival of that day became greater, I do not know how many times I could not sleep for the simple fact of thinking that something bad would happen, although thank God the pregnancy was quite good, I had some risks but everything at the end of the movie went well. When the day came my little girl wanted to be born earlier than expected, I remember that day perfectly. When I woke up and saw all that fluid coming out of my intimate part, it was really the biggest scare, my inexperience told me that something bad was happening, but I did not know how bad, when I called my Dr. the first thing he told me was, come straight to the clinic. That was where I felt the most anxiety. Without a doubt the moment had arrived, the nights had passed and the wait was over, the only thing I could think of was that my baby was safe and sound. Because otherwise I would not know what to do with my life. It is true that despite not having my baby in my arms, the bond I developed with her was and still is very strong.... The stimulation was just right and everything went as it should. I entered the delivery room, everything happened so fast, in a matter of minutes my daughter was born, I had the opportunity to hold her in my arms, to feel her delicate and extremely sensitive body was wonderful accompanied by that scream that in another occasion would have bothered me, stunned me, but in this one it was totally the opposite, it was also felt to hear her voice and at that moment my happiness was greater.

As the days went by I was learning the art of being a mother, those days were quite hard, besides being a first time mother and not having an experienced woman by my side, it was up to my husband and me, to get ahead, the best thing about this whole story is that the months went by and with each month I was celebrating one more accomplished.

In her month #1. Despite being very small I decided to do a photo shoot, I have always said that there is nothing better than immortalizing the moments by taking a picture, what better than doing it in her first month, I did not really know what to wear, but finally creativity came to the surface, as we were at Christmas time I ended up doing a session quite similar to the Christmas month.

Days went by, really these days go by very fast, if you can enjoy just a little bit, in the blink of an eye the next month was coming and I had no idea again what the outfit for the session would be.

By month #2, I already had a striking idea, I felt confident, but I ended up doing it this way, I didn't focus so much on the dress, but I did focus on some decorations around her, I also bought a small cake in her honor. And well, the magic came out again.

In this month, our adaptation was getting better, we learned that we had to pay a lot of attention to her, since she gets up all the time. And we were afraid he was going to choke or something like that.

After these two months I felt much more comfortable, I had more confidence to make him something much more to his height, missing only days for his next birthday month I decided to do it in honor of the carnival, the costumes, I like to mix colors, just as we mix our lives to form the ideal color. The contrast it has as a result is unique and unparalleled.

Her month #3 of life had arrived. When you are flirtatious and combine this with your maternal bond you get a total Angelik as a result, haha I wanted to make my daughter look beautiful and at the same time, not carry so much fabric so I dressed her up according to the occasion. Sort of a gypsy outfit.

As the days went by I had already acquired innate maternal skills, although we did not prepare ourselves to be mothers, this maternal ability appears as the days go by. Every day next to my baby was completely unique and special, I can say that I have enjoyed my daughter from day one. And I hope I can continue to do so.

I had an idea in mind with the photo session, but we were traveling, so I thought I could do a completely different session, I had to look for something out of the ordinary. So, there was this huge wall mirror telling me HERE I AM! I decided to take this husband from the cabin where we were staying, we went out into the yard and found some beautiful flowers. So there we ended up doing the session it wasn't easy at all to get the baby to stay still.

But the pictures came out and better than I could have expected my daughter had turned out beautiful and stunning.

My daughter has been very stimulated since pregnancy.

By her 5th month she was already babbling a lot, she was also very giggly and was always laughing with something or someone, I got to feel scared because sometimes she would do it and no one was around. Then I understood that I had drawn some flowers on the wall, she was laughing when she saw the colors.

For this month I decided to work with what I had at hand, that is to say, everything that appears in the photo was made (made by me) I have always been given the crafts another quality that I have also had. It is the creativity in which I make sides and all kinds of ornaments.

Who doesn't like butterflies, I love them especially for their beautiful shades, I decided to do month #6. Butterfly, I tried to mix different colors to highlight more the photo, without loading it so much of strong colors, I used a variety of butterfly figures. And well my baby did the rest. I really have no complaints in these last 6 months I can say that they were difficult and each one brought with it a greater responsibility, it is worth mentioning that my daughter did not take the breast since she was born, which came to us a huge expense in buying nutritious food, I can say that they were expensive, in relation to what can be earned here in this country. Back to the subject.

The days had passed and I had not realized, my little sprout was already much bigger, her care was now greater, and she has always been very restless, but already in these months she was older.

When month #7 arrived. Our life had turned upside down, we had problems in our old apartment and we had to look for a new one, this is where everything became more and more difficult. Changing our place of comfort generated a lot of stress in both my husband and I, we were not well psychologically. But we knew we had to be together for the sake of the child. So, we decided to move on, nothing was going to be the same, but there was no other way.

So, to devise a good photo session, I remember to turn to a friend who had a professional camera, we did the session and my daughter was once again wonderfully beautiful.

My beautiful daughter was older now, she could crawl and even stand on her own two feet. As long as she was holding on. My daughter was very premature in walking, at 8 months she wanted to walk. I really didn't know what to think, but thank God it was a good thing.

In this session number 8# I decided to go further, knowing that my daughter could already do things on her own I decided to leave it to her, I was not wrong, the pictures turned out wonderful, like a model, really charming.

As a mother you always want to teach her the best for your child. In our case it doesn't change much. But we have decided to let her really choose what to do.

On her 9th month. My daughter was already taking her first steps, quite fast, I was very scared to think that she was going to fall, but well it was not the idea not to let her, that she would know how wonderful it is to walk.

Being aware that the months had passed and the year was less than a year away, we decided to save as much as we could to have a reunion.

Although we didn't have much money, we knew that the important thing was to do something for her, to gather the family and enjoy with her.

The photo session was much simpler, my daughter was already posing alone and there wasn't much work to do other than take the pictures. The colors were according to her outfit. I didn't go for anything fancy. Classic and simply beautiful.

We decided not to do the last two, we had created a kind of fame in networks like Instagram, people waited every month to see our photos, many commented that when the tenth month arrived no photo was posted in celebration and, neither was done in the following month. All this in order to save money we wanted to have a party for our daughter. We had to go through many moments to reach these almost 12 months. We were a few days away from her birthday. Our stress level was impressive, we had so many things to do, things to look for, to put up, to give out, plus we always had to be on the lookout for party buddies.

It's really not easy to have a reunion nowadays, let alone doing it in celebration of your child. It is not easy at all.

The day had come. The moment had arrived.

His first year of life. How nice it feels to reach his first year in such a way to celebrate his birthday in a big way. Just like her birth, we're not big spenders. But I do like to spend on my daughter, I know obviously that's not a sign of education. But we do it more out of desire as parents.

I felt this first birthday as my own. These first stages, each one has marked a before and after in my life, the most beautiful thing is to be able to bring a life into the world, but much better if that creature receives from pregnancy the love of their parents. Yes, I learned many things I didn't know. Above all, to get to know my daughter. To have a good relationship even though she has my character and is quite stubborn.

In short, it was painful, I had sleepless nights, days of anguish, days of anxiety, a lot of stress. Fights due to hormonal changes with my poor husband. There were endless situations. But I leave as an example. As a very new family, we had to live very strong things, but coming out of these lessons is who we are today.

The path of motherhood is very beautiful, it can seem like a completely clear day and in the blink of an eye there is a storm, but it is all worth it. Especially when it tells you "mom" or "dad".

My articles are all in reference to my family, probably those who like to read what I write will already know that. And I hope to bring more diversified topics in the future, for now, I will continue to make my family known a little bit. The three musketeers.

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