Self-esteem in adolescents

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When we talk about self-esteem, the first thing that comes to mind is how we see ourselves, that is, it is the evaluation we make about our competence, ability, activity and personality. So we could say that it is the valuation we have of ourselves and what we are capable of achieving as a person.

The self-esteem in the person has great importance, practically it is the one that is in charge of influencing our aptitudes and the degree of confidence that we have. A person who has a low self-esteem, probably will be reflected in their skills, their performance will not be the most appropriate at the time of exercising any difficulty that is presented, will not have a high performance at the time of exercising functions, will not be able to develop good interpersonal relationships. Then, having an optimal self-esteem is vital to be able to have an excellent balance in the different areas of the human being. But what happens if the subject is subjected to bullying from an early age? Today we have seen an increase, especially in adolescence, where young people are full of insecurities, teasing, teasing others regardless of how this affects psychologically the child or adolescent in question, probably mark it, will be reflected in their performance in different areas, when interacting with other people, in the worst case attempt against his life by the misery that they feel, then it has many repercussions throughout life.

The importance of being able to raise awareness among young people, is the first urgency at this time, young people do not know the damage this causes so it would be good to give talks, community groups, implement measures to make them understand the high risk that bullying causes in the life of the person who suffers it.

On the other hand, the implementation of focus groups to which these people with low self-esteem can attend would be great, trying to promulgate guidance with a single purpose, the welfare of the person. To make them understand that they have enough abilities and capacity to do things by themselves, no matter how difficult the situation may be, all this can be achieved through the greatest weapon LOVE. Yes, that's right, love above all things, we must learn that no one is more than anyone else, that we all have the same rights and that no matter how uphill things are, the most important thing is to trust ourselves.

A life full of prejudices only damages the existence of the person, to get rid of them is the first step, to look for love and to be oriented towards possible objectives would be the second and to be able to continue no matter what would complete the three rules.

I remember that when I was a little girl my mother always made me some bows, I didn't like them very much, but it was my mother who decided what to do, so I didn't give it much importance, at school they always picked on me which I disliked a little, even in ovations I didn't feel like going to class, one day I remember I managed to see how a clown made other people laugh 😰, the first thing that came to my mind was, they make fun of him and he doesn't say anything to them, then after a while, I approached him, and asked him Why do you let them make fun of you? -He smiled and said, and why not? I still didn't understand anything, then, he answered again, It doesn't matter how much they laugh at me, I know who I am, I am happiness and joy. I still didn't understand anything and I asked him, Is it happiness and joy? He stared at me and said, the only thing you have to ask yourself, is if you know who you are and what you want, I am a clown, I make others laugh and if they laugh at me that makes me happy because somehow I have taken a little sadness out of their hearts.

The moral of what happened is that no matter how much you may be mocked, you should not fall into provocations, on the contrary, you are probably people who are ashamed of themselves and their only way to hide the reality is to divert attention to other people, the only really important thing is that you know yourself, that you understand who you are and how sure of yourself you are.

There is no denying that the reality in the world is quite hard, that the times we are living in are more difficult every day, but it is up to us to stand up and not lose hope, not lose faith, and as the clown did, continue giving joy and smiles to those who have lost it.

The path of life has never been easy, in my experience it has been quite hard, but I like that it has been, from the difficulty I have learned that we should not despair no matter how difficult it seems, that someone will always appear who will try to shine with your light, that kind of people are pitiful, They will also find those who are happy doing harm and all because their life has not been the most pleasant, doing harm to others to feel good, will not make you feel better, it only destroys your soul, it makes it darker, if at some point you had color your life will be black and gray. We should not look for in others, what is only in us. Remember, first we must know ourselves, then everything will make sense.

In conclusion of the above mentioned, we must be aware that we are emotional beings, these emotions if affected, will have consequences that will be reflected in their skills or performance, so the importance of being able to develop a healthy environment free of prejudice, where the child or adolescent can perform their skills to the fullest and not feed the fear and insecurities. A good life entails a great sacrifice.

This blog is a learning experience, I like to be able to help other people, especially if they are going through similar cases.

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