Renewing photo session with my daughter

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2 years ago

Hello greetings and a big hug to all the community that makes life in today I will share one of the most BEAUTIFUL moments of my life, as was the gestation of my baby. And some before and after pictures.

I remember this day perfectly, one of the most beautiful days, I remember that I wanted a photo session but I didn't know how to do it, I spent 24/7 looking for ideas and I couldn't find one that really caught my attention. Then, my husband happened to be leaving for work and he put on a pink shirt, and I thought, well it seems like a good idea to do a photo shoot showing my belly and looking sexy at the same time, that pink shirt would be the ideal one I thought. So, I waited for my husband and when he arrived I told him I know how I want my session, I need your pink shirt, he was a little surprised and he said do you think they will turn out well, and well it seems so....

My pregnancy was quite rewarding, at times I felt quite anxious because I only thought about the day I was going to have my daughter in my arms, on the other hand, I was also afraid because basically you never prepare for something like this, maybe for an exam, for a game or maybe training, for almost everything in this life we can prepare, but to be a father is different. As each month passed, the desire to have my baby was bigger and bigger, the desire to feel her in my arms was bigger and bigger.

As a new mother many thoughts come to you, you feel sensations that you had never felt before, even our behavior changes, my specialist told me that all this is due to hormonal processes, which vary according to the woman, in my case it was not so strong and my husband did not have to endure so many mood swings.

The only thing that did give me strong, was the desire to eat all the time, obviously it was caused by my anxiety and it was not the reason to worry, a great anecdote was that when I found out I was pregnant, I almost lost the baby, Unconsciously I was training and after doing so I ended up fainting and with much desire to vomit something that was not normal, the day after what happened we decided to go to the clinic where I took a pregnancy test, which was positive, from that great scare, from that moment I knew that my life had changed for the better.

A year and four months later, I have decided to take the same photo session, but with my daughter in my arms, it is impressive how the days go by and how a year has passed, but it is like that, you do not know how much I enjoy my beautiful, I think it is my greatest creation, I do not believe it is the most concrete statement I have of having done something right, every day that passes makes me much happier.

If there is something I have learned with the passing of the days, is that a child is synonymous of purity, joy, love, sincerity... They are noble souls that are born pure and who determine their path; are the basis that as parents we can teach them.

In the smile of my daughter I can find the greatest happiness, the most tender, pure and sincere love, if so that sweet look that can undress my soul in just a second, makes me think how there are people who can hurt such an adorable creature, as tremendous as it seems does not deserve such punishment, I think they are really people who bring unwanted children into the world and then have to mistreat them because they were not really what they wanted, for me that kind of people have no value, their selfishness is such that they do not care about anyone but them, leaving their babies aside no matter what happens next. If perhaps I have mentioned a totally different topic than the one I am talking about, but this kind of people cause me annoyance and impotence?

For my daughter I am capable of the incapable, for my daughter I do what I had never thought of doing, for my daughter I am the best example I can give her, for my daughter I will give the best of myself every day, no matter how difficult it may seem for a child there is no excuse and much less indifference.

For moments that I spend with you and that no one would replace, for your kisses that I sigh so much and even to China I would go, that my rhyme is not as good as the love I have, no doubt it is impossible that I can replace the love that I feel for you daughter no one can equal, because you have taught me that life has good moments and some not so good but it will never be bad ever.

Because in moments in which I am sad or stressed only you manage to alleviate, because every day I wake up and the first thing I see are your sweet tender eyes and that kiss that more, my daughter for you I have only love and nothing more, I will try to give you the best of me, letting it be only you, that in moments in which you feel alone you can look for me, because in you mother you will always have shelter and the most fervent warmth that someone can give you.

P.S. I hope my Jaja grows up soon and can read this.

These pictures have been taken from my Samsung J2 cell phone.

This is just a piece of my life. Greetings to all who read me, a big hug and you know, if you have a child, give him/her the best of you, life is hard enough without giving him/her more mistreatment.

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