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Hello friends, I hope you have an excellent day full of joys and good things. Today I want to comment on the boom that cryptocurrencies are having these days.

Primarily I am not an expert in the crypto world, I am only a novice with a humble opinion, I have a concept that over the years has been molding, but I have always had a solid position with respect to cryptocurrencies. I have always seen this world with good eyes, something in me told me that they were going to have their boom at some point, but it has not yet exploded completely, I think we are just seeing the great power that cryptocurrencies have, some more than others, I have known about them for about 7 years now. And if you ask me, I would say not so much because it is the reality, I have not been fully immersed in this topic.

What I can attest to is that #cryptocurrencies have not yet shown their full potential, what is excellent news is that every day, many more people decide to enter this world, the problem is that they do not get enough advice and end up being scammed and I think much of this is what does not let other investors who want to save their assets and bet on cryptocurrencies to do so and continue, with the desire to do so but fearful.

That's why when I met, I was glad to be part of this community, friends if it is true it is difficult today to find reliable information and expert people who want to share their knowledge with others. But if you have the possibility to help to know much more about this wonderful technological universe, then you have my support 100@%.

May the user be rewarded for giving fair, reliable and safe information. It reminds me of skinner's behaviorism. With its positive reinforcements, like this, I mean, if I think it is decent enough to give a tip to someone who has taken the time to give reliable information, to give a few cents, I think it is great... it promotes people to create 100% original material, enough of plagiarism, friends the world has become accustomed to the easy, forgetting how important it is to create things by themselves, it is the essence of the originality of a person. And the worst thing is that it seems that people are less original every day.

Another thing that seems positive to me. It is that projects like these are very good because they do not directly handle bitcoin, for me bitcoin is what it is, more for antiquity and fashion. That other thing, cryptocurrencies that are emerging have higher hopes, that in the future probably have greater projection is a matter of time. Many known people who have invested in Bitcoin are afraid of losing everything, I tell them in my humble opinion, why not look for other alternatives, cryptocurrencies that have not yet shown their full potential and have a much cheaper fee. As in the case of bitcoin cash, being honest, #bitcoincash is undervalued, I know it will not be forever and when people really realize the strength of this project I hope it is not too late for them to bet their savings and protect it with #bitcoincash, I'm really not lying. We are still in the best time to make an excellent long term investment, not only that, if you want to forget about banks, this currency has shown that it is solid over the years, with a constant struggle because it has been called in several cases a copy of bitcoin, being also a little ignorant, those who say such things, but it is best to ignore foolish words like that.

Other projects, which are showing great potential, I like the simplicity of the interface, promoting again the honesty of people, by creating a win-win system, you win while you help others win and in a simple way you encourage others to join the system, I have always said, if you know how to quench thirst and hunger. You will be able to keep control of everything. Even when things are not right, this is a fairly new system but it deserves to be catalogued as it should be, a great project with brilliant potential.

And to the people who still think that the best way is to copy and paste, stealing articles that are not their own, the harm is not to the audience that reads them, but to yourselves, because the day you want to write something you will not know where to start. That my texts do not bother people who are recipients of information, I also understand that there are people who are dedicated to replicate valuable information. That is fair too.

My advice is to seek to create your own blog, do not be afraid, learn, I have always said, like reading everything has its style, to start you must learn little by little but it is the habit who is responsible for perfecting our development on this great world. If you do not know where to start, simple; look for a topic, it can be one that catches your attention and of which you have mastery, now start to break it down, continue with a development and at the end some conclusions is not very difficult, the difficulty is in our mind.

Do not think if someone is going to read it or not, or if someone is going to make fun, the only thing that really matters is that you did it, it is as much your own as your life, it is part of you, after a while you will be impressed with yourself. Because you will have acquired the habit of the canvas.

To conclude, I write to you a humble woman, immersed in a sea of blockchain, as well, but I certainly do not regret this world, which will probably be the future someday.

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