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2 years ago

Hello good evening dear community of, again greetings, a great pleasure to share with you once again a beautiful theme.

One of the most used ways to fall in love, praise, surprise, congratulate and even commemorate, are flowers. From always the nature has played a fundamental role in the day to day of the human existence, how important is the nature for the human being, but how much we really give importance to this, have you ever thrown garbage out of a trash can and have felt bad, or have you made your needs no matter where and then have remorse, I doubt it very much, this is due to the lack of values that now suffers our society, we are told how important are the herbs to create new medicines, to decorate our home and even to be used as courtship. But not the impotence of taking care of it.

Yes friends, it is true, we as human beings and thinking beings, we should use a little more our sanity, taking care of nature is everyone's job, it is up to all of us to take care of it equally, in that way, we would be giving back all that it gives us.

Today I want to share some pictures, they are not the most beautiful, but it is because of the low quality of my cellular camera. I want to emphasize that each of these flowers have a place in my mother's gardener. Quite colorful by the way.

It is really priceless to admire so much natural beauty, only plants have the ability to make something so wonderful and perfect, no doubt, if you look at it closely you can notice the detail of each petal, the color so pronounced and the delicacy of its stem, those who like natural beauty like me this kind of thing draws much attention, I can not help but be captivated by something like this, yes, if I love roses, flowers and everything that has to do with them.

It is inevitable to go to my mom's house and not be able to see this beautiful creation.

We will continue observing another simply beautiful creation, very well known by the way, the sunflower, this one I like very much ESPECIALLY, it reminds me that we are not all what we seem, that is to say, if you observe well you could conclude that the sunflower, is quite sensitive and that probably it will end up drying by the sunlight that hits directly on it. Well, you would be wrong, on the contrary, like many flowers, the sunflower needs the sun especially to be able to see that huge flower, which after a few days will wither to make room for future seeds, which will germinate later. And if many people think that because they see a sensitive person is a sign of weakness, on the contrary, we are as capable as anyone.

Like the sunflower, roses need both elements, water, sun... together they give this beautiful rose, which in the next few days, will open its petals and will be in its best stage to be uncovered. I admire the roses, their ability to protect themselves, they know that they are highly desired and I do not think it is a coincidence that they have some thorns, nature is so perfect that it evolves when necessary with the sole purpose of continuing to prevail.

It would have been beautiful to be able to observe in fullness their magical transformation, no doubt that nature knows how to surprise us, especially in its magical and striking colors, in its rarity that makes them look so different from the rest.

speaking of really beautiful things, the calla lily or also called lily, is really strange, the shape it has, it looks more like a duck's mouth, and this beautiful exotic flower is a lover of water but also occurs in places with average temperature not so high, on the other hand, I like to appreciate the variety of flowers that can be obtained in nature each one has its signature of beauty and unique perforation, that's why the great value of each one of them, that's why the great respect for nature, its magic sincerely is unique and unequaled, I have heard many people say that they prefer to eat something rather than flowers, on the one hand I support them, because this way they don't have to tear those beautiful flowers from their true place (home). But yes, I also can't deny that those kind of details are quite romantic.

Well, as I mentioned before, there are varieties of calla lilies, different colors, all beautiful, unique and special. What a beauty of color.

However you look for them you will find them, but as I mentioned before, I like to see them in their natural habitat, each flower has its own purpose. The human being has been in charge of getting the purpose to each one of them, some of them are not taken into account, but as far as I am concerned, all of them are beautiful, all of them are rare, all of them are unique.

These plants have developed unique ways to survive, some in quite hostile places, others not so much, but what is certain, is that nature has always managed to get its way, demonstrating that their adaptation is almost inevitable to any lifestyle.

That its #beauty is unique and splendid too, well friends this little tour is over for today, have a beautiful day, take care of yourselves and remember to take care of the natural beauty of life.

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2 years ago


Nice! Love learning about flowers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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2 years ago

I like it that you didn't just post the pictures and leave like much of the photography community here and you actually added some more value to the post by talking for a bit. That shows dedication and that you have the community close to heart, and that you love what you are doing which is always great. You earned my upvote :)

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2 years ago