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On the road of life, as we go along we get to know each other, it is really like that, I remember perfectly well a March 8, 2013, my sister was pregnant, just 17 years old, her pregnancy was quite complicated, my sister did not want to have the baby she was carrying inside, she even wanted to abort, by fate, a colleague of my sister looked for me one day at work, I was really shocked to hear what my sister intended, I could not believe that she did not want to have the baby, that she preferred to abort than to give birth, I could not stop thinking, why she had that way of thinking, maybe it was her lack of maturity or maybe she saw the baby as a hindrance, I do not really know what so many things were going through her head, what I had to avoid was that she would abort that creature.

When I got home I looked for my mom, I had to sit her down and I told her; mother my sister is pregnant, my perplexed mom started to turn pink being white, at that moment she knew something was wrong, her tension shot up when she heard that news, to complete the disaster, my sister was only 17 years old. She was just a teenager, perhaps in her eagerness to experience new things, one thing led to another and she ended up committing an act, which cost her to be a precocious mother, my mom after knowing all the events, sat down with my sister and convinced her to go to a health specialist, my story seems like a movie, it really is not, it does not end there, the story has just begun.

My niece would soon arrive to the world, I was very excited from the first moment I found out that I was going to be an aunt, something inside me told me that this little girl was going to be as sweet as me.

After 3 months of life my niece got sick with a high fever, when we took her to the clinic and did the subsequent tests, my niece ended up testing positive for dengue hemorrhagic fever, I felt that somehow they were taking away a part of me, we did not know what to do knowing how lethal dengue hemorrhagic fever is, the truth is that I will never forget this, that day I did not sleep all night, I was not sleepy, I wanted to close my eyes and I could not either.

I really didn't know what to think, what kind of evil could a child have done to get sick like that. But against all odds the baby, only 3 months old, continued to fight, what seemed inevitable, was no longer inevitable, my niece had somehow fought and won the battle, she was quite weak, it is true, she was very thin. Then that day I understood that she still has a goal to accomplish, her time has not yet come.

She is now 8 years old, to be able to write this is to remember moments of anguish, suffering, impotence, rage. I don't know, I felt so many emotions together that I could not describe with simplicity what I felt.

My niece, as the years went by she became more like a daughter than anything else, even whenever I try to have dresses made or anything else I try to make her one too, she also feels that I am like her mom, I probably think that in some way she has felt my sister's rejection at that time, since those days are very delicate.

For me a child is not a burden much less a stone, now that I am a mother I feel it much more, I can say that I am quite jealous with my daughter and also with my niece.

I have always been very close to my niece, she takes her wherever I go regardless, near my former home there is a mountain where people go to train, jog, do any activity, I remember that every day I was going to climb my niece was already ready, although I know she was small, somehow I felt I had to take her, I do not know if it is because my sister has always been different complement with her. Very indifferent to be honest I opted to take care of her myself, it has never weighed on me and much less will it now, whenever I can I will do it because my niece for me is one more daughter.

how beautiful my princesses are, it's priceless. Seeing them together. Recently they were invited to a cousin's birthday, I really do not regret for a moment to carry them both, they look so beautiful, they protect each other, they have fun together, above all they get along very well, that is the important thing that they know that they must take care of each other, that as cousins they must be united, they must always trust each other, maybe in a few years, in a disco or what do I know, they will walk together, life is like that. We don't really know where we are going until we get there.

A child's happiness is not measured by goals, they are just so healthy, they show you when they are feeling good by smiling and being joyful, there is no better proof that the two of them get along so well, than this photo. I couldn't be more pleased. In a sense, I can fully trust the two of them to educate themselves.

Since I have always liked to train I take her with me to a mountain, where it is very common to go to train, my black girl likes photos as much as I do, so as soon as I say photo, she is already posing, it is nice when you create such a great bond with someone who is not your daughter directly, I know that it is not good either, because then I suffer when I get away from her, for now I am on vacation but after I start working, I know I will need it.

I can say that life is moments, I have always said it, moments that we must make the most of, you do not know how long they can last, some are not even enough to enjoy a little, they are so fleeting that they really did not exist, so it happens for those people who live and do not enjoy anything, everything vanishes and when they realize it is already too late.

Whenever I share with them I am the one who learns something new, they are very bright, they take a way out of everything, really the girls have always taught me something.

I know that my sister probably does not realize the damage she has been doing to the child, maybe now she is not realizing it, later the child will pay her with the same coin, maybe worse, I really do not know. The truth is that it is not worth bringing a child into the world, just to have pictures and decoration, please, babies are the most adorable things, they need a lot of love, spoil them so they feel they are being loved. It prevents them from growing up with irremediable affective deficiencies.

As a reflection of all this I take many things, I know that my niece for me is like a daughter, but she is not, I have already had several discussions with my sister, even if I am right, my sister will always be her mother, I do not agree with many things certainly I do not think, but well I will always try to give her the best of me no matter what, I will give as much as I can, I love her, I love her madly, but her mother is another and also they are people who do not appreciate anything, they think they are doing things super well. Even if they are not, the truth is that I have learned my lesson, my daughter is one and my niece is another, I love them both. Both as one.

Well guys, we have reached the end of this article. I hope you like it, always bringing unique experiences, in my personal blog. I love you all.

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