Immortalised moments in my family

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To be able to share in family brings so many good benefits, that it is necessary, the family is part of a whole, all its members are solidified, in this way they remain united and stronger, the benefits I'm talking about is not super strength, or skills out of the ordinary, I'm talking about the confidence in ourselves, makes possess a good self-esteem, plus it helps to dispel the insecurities.

But we are not the only ones who also live in a family for its benefits. Certain species, such as wolves, live in a pack, so they are safer, train their young and help each other. There are also meerkats, they are a species of mammals that live in a pack, like wolves, meerkats go out to eat in groups, almost all the time they are together, this helps them to be safer, to flee from any hunter and even from others of the same species.

Now, you know the benefits of being together as a family, but we also know that we are not the only living beings that use this pattern of behaviour. But why is it so vital for us to exist as a species?

Human beings, like all species, have weaknesses, unlike the others, we can think logically, human beings understood that life was easier together than apart, even to get married, on the other hand, it is also important to mention that every man feels safer next to a woman. This happens because we are really dependent beings, who are constantly in search of being loved, appreciated, wanted. When these last needs are fulfilled, as a species we feel satisfied.

On the contrary, when we are not, we are insecure, bad-tempered, bitter, we don't want anyone to talk to us, we always want to be alone. Of course, this used to be a dilemma, but today we know that on a hormonal level, a person releases serotonin when he or she is happy. A hormone that is responsible for our happiness. But the opposite happens if it is not released. Totally embittered.

My family bond begins with this man, at that time we were just starting out, this photo was several years ago, on the 24th of December, my treasure was not yet with us, it was really nice, to be able to make the table for two, to make the most of that moment, a woman can feel very insecure in a relationship and it happened to me very often, perhaps my relationships did not last because of my inner demons, I almost always wanted to avoid and run away, one day I met this man, so sure of himself, I really didn't know what to think. But the aura that he transmits was a big determinant for me to give in and want to meet him.

I remember sometimes questioning my way of acting, because I knew that I was not really like that, I was always more cautious, but with him everything was different, I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know him, to know who he was and what exactly he wanted from me. At the end of the third month of getting to know each other I was trapped in his arms. It's something magical because it's been several years and I'm loving him like never before.

When I met my husband, I was studying, I really thought I was going to end up crazy, because of the amount of stress I had every day, I must admit that he is someone dedicated and does not give up no matter how difficult things get, always persevering, always with a positive mind, one of the stages that helped us the most to strengthen us as a couple was this, whenever you felt defeated, I was there to comfort and give strength, then I was a little sad because something did not go as I expected, you came out with your smile and gave me encouragement. FAMILY, helping each other is true, no matter how hard things are, always tells you that everything is going to be ok, we did. We learned that as long as we stick together, nothing can defeat us.

This picture was taken after your graduation, we had the opportunity to share with your family, among them my mother-in-law, your father and your two grandmothers. It was a real privilege to have each of them with us.

Another detail that is largely responsible for us being together, is our lifestyle, we both love to train, one of the things we do with greater affinity is to train together.

It was great those days, where we climbed that hill every morning, I couldn't wait to go, the level of demand is strong, but as we both like challenges. We did it every morning. We owe it to ourselves to get back to what we love to do the most, which is training. I hope to be able to return soon.

Also, that training helps to have a pretty healthy life, helps to release stress and open your mind. I use it when I want to drain and take a clear view of my future.

Graphic description. I would eat them with kisses, I have literally eaten them every day. My two loves, I love being able to do this kind of family photos, that my husband supports me in every crazy thing, it's gratifying. This session turned out perfect, I really didn't think it would turn out so great, a good family knows how to share in good times and bad, but an exemplary family knows that they should always be united, always changing the lifestyle, it also helps to improve a relationship, being dynamic somehow gives meaning to everything we love.

While the main enemy of any relationship is to fall into monotony we try every day to break this paradigm, as a family we know that we must always seek to do new things. Dynamism in other words.

I love my daughter, being able to take advantage of every moment to do some kind of session. It's sensational.

My family album is made up every day by my daughter and my husband, you can find almost 1000 photos together, haha I literally love being able to capture every moment with them. And to capture all my emotions in those photos. It gives an emotional meaning to each unique photo.

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