History behind the prejudices towards women / My Diary

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I always hear people talk about the dark side of a lady, like her past and all the things she has done. But the real question is, is it really dark? How easy it is to label a woman with some prejudice, whether it is because she has been with different men, because she has not had a serious relationship, because she is a shut-in, because she studies a lot? The truth is that women are always labeled as something for everything, even when we do nothing... That they qualify as bad.

I can't understand this kind of people, are they really mentally healthy? The truth is that I am not a professional and it is not up to me to make such a classification. But as far as I am concerned these people who love to make unhealthy prejudices, I qualify them as poor minded, emasculated people who have repressed all their lives and only project their desire on other people.

I am probably wrong or maybe not, the truth is that it is not worth arguing with this kind of people.

Life is free, a woman has the right to do what she wants when she wants, people should understand that everyone is free, their actions are their own and have consequences, it is true. It is also well known that whoever, does harm, ends up receiving double. The latter is called karma.

A woman can not be prejudiced for meaningless things, even if a married man is intimate with a woman, out of its realization, who is doing wrong is the man. In this society it is the opposite, but what if the woman with whom this man is going to be intimate does not know his presentation, men are experts at lying, we must believe twenty out of a hundred words. This is a well-known reality.

I do not want to be anyone's defender, I only make public a crude reality, "I have a past, my husband knows who I was before I met him, he decided to stay with me and was very clear, I remember well that he said, I stayed with your present, not with your past, what you decide now, is who you will be from now on". Perhaps for many it is difficult to understand that when people start a relationship they are accepting the past that person brings.

The history of each person is his resume, regardless of what he has done, what is on his forehead, will be determinant of his future. The world has always kept on turning, even though we humans have always hurt it. The same is the existing reality about women. So much is said about them, but the fact is that the world is the world thanks to women.

Those men who talk about a woman, have a latent problem in their childhood, probably some affective problem related to their mother or, referring to the feminine side. It is as simple as that.

My diary is my story, if you ask me, why do I have one? I just like it, it's like a kind of timeline, where I have included the highlights of my life. If it's true, I can say that thanks to all the things I have lived today if someone different, I had to learn many things by force, I have always been very stubborn, but well it's all part of life.

The best thing about being able to write your own diary is the ability you develop over time to be your own writer.

I remember, one February 03, 2018, what seemed like a day like all the others, ended up becoming a day completely full of joys and a lot of happiness. My younger sister, had left the country already several years ago (2), when someone knocks at the door, it was my sister. I felt my soul return to my body. I could not believe that my sister had arrived and that we would be together again. I have always been very close to my sister. Our upbringing has always been very affectionate.

Another date, October 23, 2017, an acquaintance invited me to go out, although I was not very sure about going, I had not yet said if I wanted to go out or not, finally after a few hours, I decided that I would go out, what looked like a quiet outing, ended up being a kind of nightmare, we went out to eat at a restaurant, after having eaten, we ended up going a disco, the person I was dating, relatively was someone unknown, I did not know many things about him, after several hours, it was 2 a. m. I wanted to leave, so I told the guy, he didn't say no at first, after a moment he brought me a drink, I didn't want to continue drinking so I gave it to him, even though he was unknown, after a moment the person I gave my drink to ended up collapsing, I had never felt so scared, they had tried to drug me, I didn't know what to think, for a moment I sat down, I tried to calm down, I called my dad, after arriving home, I went into the shower, I felt so scared that I couldn't cry, someone was about to hurt me, one so big that there was no way back.

The truth hurts, this experience made me open my eyes, not everyone is good, even if you think you know him, the best thing is to know how to choose who to relate with, people do not measure when trying to get what they want, I was about to be raped or who knows what else ... What happened to me I have always told, I do it as a reason for women to be aware, who knows how many women every day fall in this way. The truth is that the person who tried to do this to me, was arrested, after several months, he tried to do the same to another girl, this time he couldn't escape and ended up trapped.

They are not always happy endings, in another opportunity, on December 10, 2020, actually this fact was quite recent. I went out with some friends to the beach, what seemed like a completely relaxing day at the beach, was about to become a completely sad day, one of the girls had just bought a new car and wanted to try it, when we were on our way to the beach, a passenger transport, passed through the fast lane, was going at a very high speed I do not really know the speed at which it was going, after about 10 minutes, the transport had stopped it for speeding, after about 15 minutes, came again at a fairly high speed the same transport, Not only that, it tried to overtake a car that was ahead, it was the worst decision, there was a cargo transport (truck) which managed to give a small blow to the transport, I had never felt so much fear, to see how people flew out of that transport before our eyes, it was so strong what happened, you could see dead bodies on the pavement, we did not know what to do hinmutadas to see so many people dead so many badly injured, there I could see, as an unconscious managed to kill so many people in a moment. People like this should not have a license, not only that, they should be given a mental examination. He probably won't pass the test. It was worse when we found out that the driver was alive. I don't know, I feel that life is unfair at times. I can't understand how something like that happens, the one who should have paid for the damage, had been left alive.

It was like a real movie, it was quite frustrating.

In the history of my life a little bit of everything has happened, some of them have not been so significant, but they are also worth noting.

What started as a game, ended up being a way of life. Being able to write my story, I could just narrate every day and no one would get bored, it is really entertaining.

Impressive, how time goes by, I was just starting to tell anecdotes that have been transcendental in my life and we have already spent several minutes?

I've always liked to share my experiences, the truth is I'm not complaining about them, I know there are people who have lived much stronger realities, on the contrary we must learn to make the best of every situation.

Happy night 🌌 you are loved a lot 😊

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