Having time for everything, the basis is organisation.

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In previous blogs I have already spoken about this issue, but it is inevitable not to mention it again in view of the concern it generates. How does the covid-19 pandemic affect our children, I am not referring to the disease as such, but to the days that these children have been unable to go to school, not only that, a large part of a child's learning will depend on the way in which the child relates to the school, a child can be motivated to go to study not only because they like it, but also to see their friends, classmates.

As parents we must be more attentive to the learning needs and dedication that our children are needing, to a large extent we have been taught that children should go to school to learn, but the fundamental basis I have said before, I repeat it now is the #Home as parents, we must leave time to learn to know our children better, based on the deficiencies that they have according to their level of maturity if it is adequate or not and, implement together with teachers, an assessment plan that fits our child.

We will probably begin to see improvements quickly, we cannot forget that children's skills are much more demanding than those of an adult, they absorb everything and therein lies the greatest solution to our problems, let's take advantage of the hunger for knowledge that these children have, we can squeeze that "orange" well.

"I have spoken to several parents, who tell me that they feel very upset with the way in which teachers are sending homework that does not correspond to the age of the child who is taking the class, probably they are right today there are not many teachers with vocation and even less with the salary they receive, this is seen a lot in my country (Venezuela), I do not know about other countries, here education is very bad, a very strong reality, because the basis of a nation is education".

Now, based on the testimony of several parents, as parents we must ensure that our children have an optimal and adequate education.

In my case, I am a mother, a wife, I take care of my home, my daughter and I also work. If you ask me how I have time for so many things, well, I'm just organised, I can't say that it always works for me because I know that there are things that go beyond our comprehension. But still, my daughter comes first.

For my daughter I have the best, I will always have time even when I don't have it, I have to take it out, everything is for her, my whole life, well my day begins by arranging my daughter, leaving her ready for when the nanny comes, in some cases she throws a lot of tantrums but it is normal and after a few minutes she is calm and begins to share with the person who takes care of her, the first few days, it was more difficult to leave her with someone who was not her father or me, but well I had to start working and that's how it was.

My daughter's adaptation was quick, at first I thought she was not going to want to stay with the nanny, but after a while, she ended up staying very calm.

The relationship I have with my husband, is not the most perfect, but we are very close, we are contrary in many things, I would dare say, we never agree on anything, our thoughts clash a lot, but we both have the gift of being able to listen, a relationship depends largely on knowing how to listen to each other, also to accept when one of us has made a mistake, with my husband I always try to have the best connection possible, I even think it is so good that it is not necessary to try it just comes out, when I told him I was going to look for someone to look after the child, his face was a poem, he was not very sure, but he knew I had to start working, so he didn't tell me he was very sure about me doing that, but he didn't mention anything negative, so that was a kind of, yes.

One of the things I love most about my partner, is the ability he has to handle situations, he can be in meltdown and still carry on, sometimes I think it's all to do with our mind, because of the great mental power he has to keep his head in moments of stress. For a psychologist, sometimes it's hard for him to explain many of his inappropriate behaviours, but I suppose it's part of his personality.

Cooking is one of the many things that I like to dedicate a moment of love to the kitchen is something I do with great pleasure, yesterday I was preparing a steak with onions, lentils and white rice, a traditional dish in my house, although it is more for the culture of my husband, he comes from the plains, where it is vital to eat with grains, the food almost always put grains. He was even the one who taught me to prepare various types of grains such as caraota, lentils, beans. Now it turns out that I prepare them better than him.

This is what my plate of food looks like, already finished, quite appetizing, it is worth noting that it is a very simple dish, Creole and very delicious, it has iron, carbohydrates, protein. All in one dish.


  • Beef steak

  • White rice

  • Lentils

  • Onion

  • Sweet chilli

  • Garlic

  • Paprika


First of all you must chop the onion julienne, then throw in the pan, a touch of olive oil, salt to taste, we began to fry, after several minutes, to notice that the onion becomes a dark colour, we put the steak, if you have butter can put a little, will give a somewhat different taste, after several minutes, flip and ready does the same procedure, the steak can leave it to your liking medium or well cooked.

As for the lentils, I prepare the lentils in a pot with water, let the lentils soften for about 45 minutes. We are going to fry seasoning, chilli, onion for about 5 minutes, it has to be a prudent amount according to the amount of grain that is going to be prepared. Then add them to the beans, wait for the beans to boil and turn off. Leave to stand for about 30 minutes.

The rice does not have much to do, we look for a casserole, we put 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. Add a touch of oil and salt to taste and that's it. We wait until it dries, turn it off and let it rest.

We will give you our lunch dish simply, quickly and quickly.

Then we go to dessert. Vanilla cake.


Wheat flour with leavening agent

4 eggs

250 grams of sugar

250 grams of milk

Butter 200 grams


Baking powder

The mixture will look more or less like this, almost everything is already there, only the vanilla is missing, we continue beating until it is ready.

Add the pod, it will turn a little dark in colour, and start beating again, until it is ready. After that we pour it into a container that will go straight into the oven. After approximately 45 minutes, our cake is ready.

Then I get ready and go to work, it is not very difficult to be a good housewife and also to be able to work as a manager in a shop, the truth is just a question of organisation, I have time for everything. I love everything I do, that's why my days are motivated and full of hope, I always try to dedicate time to my daughter, to be able to keep up to date with what she needs and what she can do to advance her studies. Although she is small for now, she will need more from both parents later on. We are already looking forward to those moments. My love.

Have a great day, take care of yourselves, use your mouth cover. Don't expose yourselves, take care of your own.

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