faith is the last thing to be lost

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During a rainy day, where only provoked to drink a bottle of rum that warmed the bones, I decided to go to a bar, when I arrived there was a man sitting with a worried and sad face, I could not help but sit next to him and talk to him, maybe I could help in something and thus prevent him from feeling better, I ordered my first drink and invited one to the fellow next to me, who accepted and said "thank you" at that moment the conversation began, that nice man began to talk and I decided to be somewhat abusive and ask if everything was all right? He answered simply: "Everything is fine! At least I have faith that everything will be fine! After all, for me, even if my day has been the worst, it is still good, even if everything in my life is upside down, I have faith that everything will change again. It was rude of me to ask like that, that man was not there for someone to listen to his sorrows, he was just waiting for his life to make sense again, at least I understood that.

After having some drinks I decided to go on my way, it was one of those hard days and my body was already feeling tired, before I had to have some dinner and then go home, cooking? no way, I arrived to that cafe where I always went to buy dinner, my friend Leti was there, she greeted me in a nice way and asked me how was my day? my answer was very explicit, great! I just want to get home, take a shower and go to bed, how was your day? Leti looked at me and answered, "It wasn't my best day, the accounts are not good and the business is going from bad to worse, I have faith that everything will change soon". I said goodbye and left the place, when I was arriving at my house, there was a man lying on the cold floor who I used to see always in the street, I ended up stopping and started a conversation with him, his name was Antonilli, he was from an Italian family and I was curious, an Italian man living as a beggar is not normal, so I asked again, what is he doing in a place like this? Mr. Antonilli, Son, when you are my age you understand so many things that if I had understood them years ago I wouldn't be like this.

I was a man with a lot of money, from a very young age I always had luxuries, I ate in expensive restaurants, I went out with wealthy people who only thought about luxuries, living a life out of the ordinary, what I could not understand is that despite leading the life I had before and having everything I had I did not feel that it fulfilled me, I did not feel joy and much less that I was happy.

for years I spent my fortune, with the life I led I don't think I was over 30 years old, after many bad decisions I ended up losing a large part of the shares of my company, I could have acted better and I didn't want to, I simply decided to leave everything like that, to continue leading the life I led with no direction, no destination, no family, no woman waiting for me every night, at times I felt so lonely that not even having a thousand people by my side could have changed that feeling, after 18 years of luxuries and material things, I ended up losing the little "faith" I had to return to the path of good, when I realized what I had lost, it was too late, my actions, my wealth, everything I had lost, even worse, I did not get to have what does not cost money and is worth a lot, a family.

I am now 58 years old, living on the streets for only 9 years, less than a month ago, a relative came looking for me, my father left me a fortune after he passed away, I didn't want to go and claim anything, being born into wealth made me miss out on so many things, the good thing about leading a quiet life like the one I lead today, is that every day for me is different, every day I live it as my last, I have nothing that can tie me down.

My life is told like a story, from top to bottom, that is to say, from someone who had everything to someone who practically still has everything, do you know what I mean? money was never the problem, the problem was in my lifestyle and the way of thinking I had, at the end of this story everything is positive for me, I don't want to go back to owning something material that can control me.

Son money is not a bad idea but it is not the best idea either, happiness is somewhere else, it is in ourselves, searching for many is difficult and impossible for others, clearly those people who do not manage to find this happiness is because they are of little faith and end up suffering from the syndrome of the enclosed fish, they spin in the same place all their lives.


Listening to every word of that stranger and giving me like a dagger in every part of my being, were two equal things, if it is true that my days of routines are part of what I call life, although now I ask myself the question again is it life to live the routine? I see everything with different eyes after hearing all that, certainly I can not expect to say that my life is fine, if every day is the same, if I have nothing to long for and enough faith to hold on to that dream. Nothing happens by chance, everything made sense to me. The next day after a hard day's work, I decided to go to the bar, there was a friend of mine and I shared some time with her, we talked about different topics, I felt a kind of connection with her, I had felt it before, but this time I was living in the now and I wanted to let myself be carried away by the moment.

We spent more than 2 hours talking, the time passed so fast that we didn't notice, after enjoying a nice time, I invited her to dinner, this time in a different place, I wanted to try something new, for the first time in 8 years I had broken my daily routine, I felt strange for a moment, after a while I was adapting to the change, I was adapting to the change, it helped me to be able to do it with someone, from there began a transformation in my being, I had marked a before and after, now I felt the desire to start a family, to constantly change my mind that routine and above all I learned to have faith in my life to believe even though I do not know or understand anything. What lies in the faith of those who do not believe is the ability to accept that which is intangible and make it one's own.

Until another opportunity dear readers, we are waiting for the continuation of my first story.

chapter 1

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