Exercise and its importance

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Physical exercise is recognised worldwide as one of the fundamental pillars of health. As is well known, exercise helps to prevent many diseases, helps to improve one's capacity and improves one's skills. It should be noted that people who exercise consistently help to regulate stress levels, regulate our weight and control our appetite.

It is important to take into account what our limits are when it comes to training and, based on that, we will know how far we can go, it is not only our physical fitness that is at stake, it is also important to have a good mental state. On the other hand, leading a healthy life will not only depend on doing exercise, we must learn to eat well, an excellent diet will help our body to have the necessary proteins to be able to maintain such activity. Now that we know that it's not just about fitness and good nutrition, it's also about organisation and dedication.

If we were more aware today of the benefits of such a life, we would learn to respect our bodies, to love them. On the contrary, what we often see is how the weight of a person exceeds 200 pounds, how cardiovascular diseases have increased to a great extent, how people with anxiety disorders put on weight or how depressive people end up sinking.

Almost every time I ask a person why they train? Most of the answers are the same.

  • To help me lose weight

  • To help me feel fit

  • To help prevent the wear and tear of age

  • To enjoy a physical life

Each and every answer revolves around a single answer. We want to train because it helps us to feel "good", i.e. we train because it not only helps us to look good physically but also helps us to accept ourselves. It is interesting to see how our self-esteem plays a role in this, probably because most people train to change something physically that we don't like about ourselves. So, we can say that yes, exercise has a great effect on our lives, that perhaps most people don't take into account its benefits much more than out of a pure need to look good for themselves. But because of this they stay active and can move on.

Benefits of an active and healthy life.

As I have said before, doing exercise can be quite beneficial if you want to, it all depends on the organization and the rigor with which it is taken, "always said nothing is worth training every day, if we do not have a good diet", it is important to know what to eat when training. Whenever we are going to train, we must always have a goal in mind, whether it is to lead a full life in physical activity, to gain or lose weight...

Why do I say this?

A person whose objective is to gain weight cannot have the same diet as someone who simply wants to lose weight. That is why it is important to know what you are looking for when training.

On the other hand, there are people who can not maintain a steady pace when training, this really will not be affected, as long as the person devotes at least 150 minutes a week, it will be enough to keep our body in shape.


  1. Maintaining an adequate weight is basically necessary if you want to lead a healthy and bearable life, if you know how to lead a life under an adequate physical routine, it will gradually facilitate our level of intake, that is, our body will adapt to our lifestyle.

  2. Reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases, nowadays it is common to hear how people suffer after a certain age from stress problems, we must emphasize that most of them are sedentary people. For example, what happens if we pour the fat from fried food directly down the drain? In the first instance nothing will probably happen, but in the long run it will probably clog up. So it is with fat in our body, the fat that the body cannot dispose of naturally is stored until a cardiovascular problem occurs and it clogs the pipe. Then it is too late.

  3. Training helps to maintain an optimal emotional state, if you will, adequate, it turns out that when we train or exercise, we release energy (stress), our brain releases chemicals that are responsible for making us feel good helping us to make life more bearable.

  4. Another great benefit of exercise is that we increase our lung capacity, so that we can do any intense physical activity and have a greater capacity to endure.

  5. In a way exercise helps our body to relax better when it is time to rest, we should only take care when we train, it is not good to do it close to bedtime, because our body is activated and may not work as expected.

  6. It helps to a better sexual life, people who exercise constantly have fewer problems with erectile diffusion, this in the case of men, in both sexes, serves to increase sexual lividity, as we said before, here comes our self-esteem, people who exercise like to look good and that others can observe their physical improvement, producing a sexual response on the person.

  7. In addition, being able to exercise is something that can be done as a couple or helps to relate easily with other people, improving the interpersonal capacity of the person and making their level of socialising more appropriate in any environment where they have to relate.

In conclusion

Exercise is more of a lifestyle than anything else, we must learn the importance of eating healthy and lead a life of exercise that will facilitate our life in the long term.

Among the recommendations we can say, that it is good to train approximately 150 minutes per week, which are medium, high routines. That is to say, some days can be intense, other days not so intense, so that we will have an adequate balance when training.

Exercise with muscular intensity twice a week if you want to do this for all ages, to be able to strengthen the muscles helps us to avoid possible injuries in the long term.

For those people who have a physical ailment or disability that does not allow them to perform certain activities, have their family doctor informed and be able to train with their specialist to avoid any major problems.

"Eat healthy, train hard, do cardio, sleep well, be positive. The change is in us, we can conquer our goals".

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Exercise is really important. Last 3 month I'm trying to losing my weight. But don't understand how I can do this?

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2 years ago

To lose weight, you know that 70% is your diet and the other 30% is just exercise, so it turns out that you have to eat right in order to notice improvements. Look for a professional nutritionist. Then a personal trainer or do your own research. But food is the result.

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2 years ago