All parents deserve to be pampered too

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In a family everyone deserves to be pampered at least a little, today it is my dear husband's turn, partner and friend, that wonderful man who has accompanied me throughout these last years, as if it were not enough to dedicate every day to his daughter and me, also collaborating at home, no doubt I can not complain that unconditional person who knows how to make me feel good even in the worst moments, who knows how to spoil his daughter and at the same time put character, so I decided to make a small meeting and give him all that love that he gives us every day.

Our family nucleus is small, we are three, like the three musketeers we are always united and we go everywhere together, I dedicate this wonderful day to the man of the house, to that tireless companion who every day gives me his company and all his love, between glances we see each day and I know that when he sees me he feels the same as me, that special feeling, that desire to love and want to be loved, together we are always together and although like any couple sometimes we have hard times are more good times, although my husband does not like to take pictures I took several and so I can talk a little of this day.

As if that wasn't enough, a few days ago it was also father's day and we couldn't do anything because we were working, so it was better to take this opportunity to celebrate, for my husband it wasn't a great day because his father was never there for him, he was always his mother and father at the same time, although he doesn't say anything I feel that he doesn't like to do anything on father's day because it doesn't bring him good memories, however I want to change that thought, we live such a short life that we must enjoy everything to the maximum just as a kiss is ephemeral so are the happy moments, that's why we must take the best of every moment and keep it in our hearts.

My daughter as flirtatious as always even though she is 1 and a half years old she is very intelligent and knows how to attract attention, when I wanted to take the picture she stuck out her tongue and this was a picture for history, although later I wanted to repeat this same picture I could not get my daughter to pose again, because it was the day of the man of the house I decided to prepare an unusual meal, an exquisite dish of seafood with garlic which my husband loves and enjoys with total security, the best of all is that he did not expect that dish of food so it was a total surprise for him. To see his incredulous face was fantastic as it was something he really hadn't imagined, he knew it was a meeting between some cousins but he didn't know anything else.

the surprise was not only in the food, also came a very special company a cousin that more than that seems a father to my husband, that man who helped him to get ahead, taking him out of the village where he was living and bringing him to the city to study, paying everything and without asking anything in return, not everyone does something like that and much less without being a direct connection, so my husband has high appreciation for him and more than that he admires him like no one else in the world.

We all have someone to admire in my case, my mother for me is that person that I can identify as the wonder woman perhaps because of everything she had to do to get my sister and me ahead, just as it happens with my husband, he did not have his father since he was very young and he had to lead a life with just his mother and after several years his cousin also helped him, that same cousin who today looks so much like him, they have the same features and have similar temperaments, no doubt you would think that they are father and son but it is clear that they are not father and son.

In times of distress that cousin has always been there, as I can remember it was that same cousin who helped him one day when my husband had an accident, that day was very traumatic as he had had an accident with a gas cylinder and had lost a finger, not knowing what to do and with all his family away from the city my husband had no choice but to look for his only close relative, what he did not expect was that his cousin would arrive so quickly at the clinic and to his surprise he was the one who took care of the operation that night.

Thanks to the help that his cousin gave him that night my husband did not lose his finger and today he is the most grateful person on the planet, the kindness of many people is measured by their actions, for me, this cousin is a person with a big heart, to do what he did without having any purpose in return or double intention, just wanting to offer his help and also to be like a real father who helped him to orientate is also a great gesture.

There were also other characters accompanying the rest of the day to my great king, the people in the photograph, are distant relatives of my husband, all were very happy to share and spend a pleasant time, time in which many stories and experiences were shared as part of the moment that way in which they relate things that are lived and that have served to grab experience, so all that knowledge of situations that at times were hard and others only ended in laughter is transmitted.

In one of these situations mentioned was the story of one of his cousins in which he had to live a very sad moment to suffer strongly the symptoms of covid, luckily he managed to survive and his wife, although his parents did not have the same luck, that story was really heartbreaking for anyone is easy to see how your parents are decompensated and then end up dying the same day, a trauma not easy to process.

another great story of the night was how a kidnapping attempt by bandits was thwarted for Mr. roberto, the person in orange in the photo, roberto says "Everything seemed like a normal day, I went to work with the best will, after a stormy morning I decided to go out for a coffee when I got to the restaurant a man came up to me and told me that I was in a dangerous situation that I should leave the restaurant because some people were waiting to capture me, what I found strange about all this is why did he take the trouble to tell me that? So I decided to go to the bathroom and put on my jacket and a cap, after a few moments I went out again and sat down in another place, after several minutes, two very suspicious men came in and they only looked towards the table where I was sitting before, they arrived as they didn't manage to find me, they left, Although everything did not stop there, I had to be alert after leaving the restaurant and I called a friend who is a policeman who made me file a complaint and since then I am in contact with two agents who took the case, the strangest thing is that I did not manage to recognise any of the people, without a doubt that puzzles me".

What I leave as a reflection is that life has become much more difficult every day, taking care of ourselves is the daily routine and as if that were not enough, now we have to take care even of the same people, we should not trust everyone and much less go around saying what are the incomes of each person, everything should be handled with discretion if you want to live a little more than the account.

Here my two babies and their cousin, all about to try my great food, I prepared with great care, I'm not an excellent cook but I can say that at least I like my food to the people I love the most, all ended up very happy with this plate of food, my husband and his first ended up repeating and ate to no end, I must say that all this preparation was not only mine also was with me a great person my unique and special friend, who helped me to prepare everything and that everything was great.

besides the seafood dish, it was also accompanied by a caesar salad and as an opening dish, a celery cream, everything was really fantastic.

I know that lately I have not been able to set up more blog, it has been difficult for me because of my work and the times I have free time I dedicate it to my family so I have little time to write which I like a lot, I like it because it helps me to keep my ideas organized and it is also like a kind of diary, I will try not to miss so much and yes to my dear readers, I miss you guys take care and God bless you.

"From the bottom of my heart, you should take care of what you love the most, not only for the fact of loving it, but also for the fact of losing it, we can't always have what we most want in this life, so enjoy what you have and if you really love it, dedicate all your time to it, keep in mind that it is the only thing that is really worth it, maybe you haven't thought about it but time is the only thing we can't take back and to those who we decide to dedicate this precious treasure is because it is really worth it".

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I can feel the love you have for ypur husband. I know he is so happy with your surprise. May God always bless your wonderful heart and your family as well. Genuine love is what makes a family stay together forever.

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