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I have always considered that sport has an enormous impact on the development of a person, especially the psycho-social development, it is well known that sport has great benefits at an organic, physical and metal level. A person who maintains a sporting balance, will have a more bearable life with moderate stress levels compared to other sedentary people.

In my case, I have been a kickball player for several years, I also teach a little dance of any genre and my life basically moves day by day in the sports environment, I can not forget to say that I love to train and keep my body in shape. When I started in this lifestyle, I was unaware of how good it is to lead a healthy life with good food and sport, now I have several years, from sport I have learned to have discipline as a fundamental basis for a good personal development at the sporting level. In addition to being perseverant day by day improving and achieving goals, in this way I have managed to stay in the sport I love as it is kickingball, I also owe the sport to have met people similar to me and also share this lifestyle, basically I could say that they are like a family to me, sportingly speaking, training helps you to put into play the ability to socialize and interact with others, to have a better management of adaptation and encourages fellowship without forgetting the days when you share and enjoy the training. As I said before, I am also a professional dancer, I love to dance in my free time, it helps me to drain and keep me serene, every day I can dance I do it, I also love to transmit my knowledge of dance to other people, in a way I feel that I am doing something I love and being able to transmit a teaching to other people generates personal satisfaction.

Whenever I can I try to help other people and let them know the benefits of leading a healthy life. The most difficult thing is to be able to commit to ourselves, I say difficult, because it is not worth anything to start training one week and not another, or train and eat poorly, sleep little. These are basic things that not everyone knows, the lifestyle of an athlete is a little more modest and somewhat quiet, we are highly active people physically speaking but we also know the importance of giving our body enough time to recover the energy that has been lost at the time of training. While a person who trains daily carries a fairly high energy load, you should rest enough hours for your body to recover, you should also eat a balanced meal. Creating daily routines is of great importance, in this way our brain is already pre-disposed every day to continue with the daily chores. In my case, my days start with a good shower to wake up and activate my body, then a breakfast of fruits and then I go to train, after leaving the training I go to eat something again a little light or high in fiber and then go to dance classes. Although it may seem like a busy life, my body is already adapted to it, that's why it is so important to get our mind and body used to it. Now you must also have enough discipline when doing any activity, the best way to be able to have a high performance is to be constant and enough to be able to do it.

character. Perhaps for me these last two are the leitmotifs of my life. Because I consider that day by day they have taken me to where I am today.

I always hear people say that there is nothing good about leading an active physical life, perhaps they do not know the importance of being able to lead this lifestyle.

The importance of being able to have a healthy life is to appreciate that our body also deserves consideration, our body speaks to us and does it very often, as our years pass our body also loses strength, endurance and our muscles are getting smaller, so the importance of leading an active life, to train not only revitalizes our body, it also does mentally, in my case when I train, all my stress and worries are lost, being much more balanced and able to perform much more every day, of course not only our body is exhausted, so is our mind.

Another beneficial point of training, is that people who train manage to channel social relationships, helps to have a better performance in sports and work, helps to strengthen the ability to cope and aggressiveness, I can say with total honesty, that training helped me to have a sense of life. Now talking about everything, why is sport important for society? Even though every society is made up of an accumulation of different people with different perceptions and lifestyles, sport has managed in a certain way to unite without discriminating against anyone and not only that, it manages to bring joy and develop a sense of belonging to people. An example, (Nelson Mandela), was quite a character and I think he managed to understand the sense of humans as a species, we have been taught to point (make prejudices) and also to feel contempt for those who do not share our culture or perhaps ideology, but for sport none of that is worth, sport managed to break all those cultural and racist stereotypes that at that time were much greater than now and managed to unite a nation for a moment regardless of color or race. That makes sport has a greater power over our lives than we think.

For a while I worked with people who were addicted to different substances, I remember those were difficult days at that time I was very young and those young people like me, had lived a very difficult life, creating a detoxification program based on a change of lifestyle, was a challenge for us, but the most important thing for everything to work, was the willingness that the person had about wanting a major change in their life. Many of these young people clearly had low self-esteem, training not only helped them to raise it but also gave them power over their addictions, they learned to control their anxiety and discharge all that energy they felt when training, they learned to have a lifestyle they were not used to and all thanks to discipline and perseverance.

We are the ones who have the power to make a difference and put a stop to what is not good for us. It is up to us if we want to change our stars and try a better way.

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