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What Are The Words That You Should Never Use Of In a Sales Letter?

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1 year ago

No matter how many proposals you mail, there can be times that the effects are nil. Some people seem eager not to buy your product and services, do you precisely know why? Some of your opponents make more sales even though they have awful products to offer, have you ever marveled why?

Maybe you were thinking that people are just not interested to buy your product or services. Or maybe you were thinking that your price is much higher compare to your opponents. And worse is that you were thinking your product is useless, then you'll just quit or change your business line.

Think for a while and stop for a moment. Maybe it isn't your responsible product. At times it could be your sales letter which is the main culprit. Maybe unwittingly you have used some words which have the opposite effect on your prospects.


So precisely, here are the words you should never use in your sales letter to avoid losing sales.

  • Buy - Keep in mind people get wary when they hear this word at the moment. Instead of using “buy” used the other words which are “receive” or “invest”. Whatever business you are doing the word you used can obliterate your business in no time. Never solicit people to let their wallets out to payout their hard-earned dollars.

  • Learn - This term can remind your prospects in the old days which to study and learn in school. Nobody is interested in wrecking their brains just like the days during their schooling. These days people are seeking fast and direct information, no more time for learning it. “Find out” suits better than “learn”.

  • Tell - If your prospect cannot identify you, they will never pay attention to you. You should examine these two sentences carefully; “Let me just tell you how to lose weight in one week ” and “Let me discuss how to lose weight in one week”. Which statement will make an impact on you?

  • Things - Your sales letter will be dull and very boring if you gonna use this word. You should find a substitute for the word “things” consider changing it to “tips,” “tricks,” or “techniques” this will guarantee an open frame of mind and a lot better.

  • Stuff - Most marketers use this word to explain how great is their products. Try to compare these two statements; “Call us to receive fabulous stuff” or “Call us to receive fabulous gifts” which one would generate more response?

A set of vocabulary that is destined to activate the emotional buying spark with you, a sales letter must have it. The language must be cautiously assessed.

Appreciate carefully - in the sales letter selling you some get rich quick ventures, you probably encounter certain words such as “turn-key”. This entails that the business that they are asking you to join will run and that there is no negligible on your which is necessary on your part to make a profit. But it is more often than this word in the sales letter is used to explain software, that you needed to install, learn, and work with to appreciate the service or product being provided. It is not right.

Be always aware of the words “could” and “immediately get rich” that you could earn $100 to $1000 monthly. Assist in what is the right or normal earnings for someone who uses your affiliate program. Do not bluff or try to mislead people. Although these words can generate an immediate response, you should only use it only when you mean them. Always remember there is no shortcut to success, so never try it. The sales letter success only depends on the words you are using and how you craft them to serve your purpose. Again, you don't have to be an English scholar to dole out an effective sales letter, you must write it in simple English and a conventional tone.

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Written by   31
1 year ago
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