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Things That Your Child Always Wanted From You

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1 year ago

Children are mostly attention seekers they always wanted attention from their parents, that is the reason why some kids rebel when they are lacking attention and care. They are vulnerable, innocent, and get confused easily that is why they always have to be supervised by a guardian. This is the parent's responsibility to supervise and guide their children as they grow to become good citizens in the future.

There are simple things that a child want from their parents, to sum it up I will give 10 examples below.

These things are basic but some parents neglect them. In this article, I will tackle the first five.

  • Spending time with them without looking at your cellphone

Today's current situation, it's hard not to look at your cellphone especially if you are using a mobile phone for some important matters such as work-related or some extra income. Like me, I always hold my phone because I used it looking for extra income but I am also aware that I should spend time with my kids without looking at my cellphone. Spending time with them without using mobile will let you focus and give your full attention to them, this will make them happy. As a parent, we should do this so the kids will not feel being neglected.

  • Your child wants a warm hug from you

A hug is a form of embracing, hugging can make the heart fonder and will make a person feel warm and secure, not just kids want warm hugs, we adults too so how much more the kids? They like being cuddled and being loved. I and my kid always do warm hugs whenever we want to, especially before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning. We always let the kid feel the warm hugs before starting the day.

  • Be a good listener and adviser for them

Being responsible parents we also have to listen to what our kids saying, if they did mistakes listen to their explanation. Some parents are overstrict and do not consider their kid's emotions and explanations, making them scared to open up. A parent must be a good listener so the child will not hide or keep some secrets, this is the common problem of teenagers now they tend to be suicidal because nobody wants to listen to them. Listen to your child and be a good adviser, not a mocker.

  • Listen to their problems without judging them

Most of the kids will hide their true feelings from their parents because they are afraid that they might disappoint their parents and they will judge them. This scenario is very rampant nowadays, especially in the teenage years it is the stage where so much confusion is coming. So it is very important to listen to their problems without judging them that no matter what happens you are always there for them. Stand by on their side and correct them if needed but first listen intently to their problems, so you will not produce broken soul children.

  • Allow them to do things on their own

As the child grows up allow them to do things on their own. In that way, you are showing that you trust them, not just that they can be trained to be self-reliant. When they grow up they will get used to doing things on their own, whenever or wherever they go they will be independent and stand on their own two feet. Do not treat them as a baby forever, they will grow up knowing nothing, assign them the task it's a way of training them.

I am a parent as well and trying my best to apply it.

How do you find this article? Do you agree with me?

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Written by   31
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