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The 10 Basic Rules Of Writing A Good Sales Letter 

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2 years ago
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A sales letter must only a marketing tool for some small enterprises. Maybe because they don't have enough budget for anything else. But creating magic to your top line and the bottom line of a sales letter must be carefully mapped out. Following the guidelines mentioned below will help your profit soar.

  • You must always target the wants, needs, and desire of your prospective clients - Walk a mile in a prospect's shoes before writing your sales letter. Always remember what they are looking for in a sales letter like “What is exactly is in it for me?” So you must tell them what is there for them inside the letter.

  • Avoid the crowd mentally, write to specific people - You should write to real people. Write a letter as if you are writing to a friend, not to 1000 people.

  • People buy benefits and not feature - Writing your sales letter, you should begin distinguishing benefits from the features. Your sales letter should be able to influence your readers to buy your stuff based on its benefits whether it's a product or services not by the features. It is the benefits that make the buyers buy your product or services, not by features on isolation.

  • Hook your reader with the first line itself - You are competing with several unsolicited mails at any given time, so make sure your first line is catchy. The headline should make the reader read the first line, while the first line should make them read the second line, and so on.

  • Provide the reader with specific and relevant information - Do not go on and on about the product and services, don't go around the circles again and again. List the benefits and tell them how their life would be easier with the benefits that you are offering.

  • Your Sales letter must sell - The aim of your sales letter must be is to sell. For it to sell, it must be written in a conversational tone. Talk to your prospect in a lucid and friendly manner. Chuck ornamental language and use basic grammar rules as optional.

  • Test your sales letter - Try to ask yourself, if someone gives you that letter would you be convinced enough to spend your hard-earned money on it?

  • Make your sales letter as long as it has to be - there is nothing called too long or too short, the basic thing that matters is the interest factor. Your sales letter should be interesting and appealing to your prospect.

  • Focus on aesthetic - Use user-friendly font and templates that are more appealing visually. You can use the bullets and highlighters to break the clutter. Try not to end any page except the last page with a complete sentence. Most newspapers apply these tactics. If you are not ending the page with a complete sentence, the reader will go through the next page to finish it.

  • Tell the reader precisely what to do - What would you like the reader to do next? Do they have to send a reply card? Or do they have to place an order? Call for more info? Schedule an appointment? You should notify them accordingly. Do not presume they will know. Some sales letters fail to inform the reader about the subsequent step. They expect that the reader is a mind reader too.

Writing a good sales letter will probably bring you more sales so it is very important to write it prominently to make you seal the deal.

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Written by   31
2 years ago
Topics: Writing, Letter, Sales
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