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20 Sentences That Can Encourage Your Child: Part 2

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This is the continuation of the 20 sentences that can encourage your child, you can read the first ten sentences here.

Other 10 sentences that can encourage your child;

11.  Be proud of your self my child

Reminding your child to be proud of themselves is one way to encourage them and believe in themselves as well. A child must grow up to have such confidence and to make them easier to cope up with society as they grow.

12. I love to spend time with you

This statement is heartwarming to a child because as I said in the previous part mostly children are attention seekers, so if you spend more time with them and confirmed it by words that you love doing it, it assures them that they are not bothersome to you.

13. Focus on what you do and I can see that the results are always good

Advising your child to focus on what task they do or studying and telling them that you see good results will make them more eager to focus and probably try to impress you because you appreciate what they do, that they are doing good as a result.

14. You cooperate well, I am sure the outcome of this will be great

If your child is being cooperative to what you instructed, always tell them that the outcome will be great this will encourage them to be more cooperative.

15. I am always here beside you

Whatever your child does as long as it does not harm them always assure them that you are always beside them, to guide and correct them for their good. This will make the child feel secure that whatever happens, they have you whom they can lean on.

16. You are the best

Always tell your child that they are the best, even if not as excellent as others because it will make them happy. This will encourage them to do their best at all times because you believe in them.

17. It's alright, let's try again next time

If there's something that your child wasn't able to achieve always tell them that it's alright that no need to be sad because there would be a lot of next time and try again. This will console them, and they will not be afraid to try again next time because you are did not mocked their failures.

18. Your efforts will pay off soon

Always remind your child to do their best and continue their efforts even if it doesn't pay off currently because it will pay off probably later. Always encourage them to go on because sometimes things will pay off later on, this statement will encourage them not to give up whatever they are trying to achieve.

19. I believe in you

This statement also is needed although other statements can collate with this children's mind is not that advanced, you need to tell them every significant word so they will learn it. By telling them that you believe in them will encourage them, especially if some people do not believe in them, this will give them hope because at least there is still someone who believes in them and that is you.

20. I love you so much

This would be the last but not the least always tell them that you love them despite that you are showing it through actions, children's mind is easily get confused so it's a good idea to ensure them that you love them by words as well.

Ending Thoughts

Being a parent is tough you need to assure them they will grow up into a better person that can easily catch up with society. It's not necessary to fit in with but it is one of the battlegrounds around so it needs to be considered. 

Always be on your child's side unless it will harm them, like they did mistakes you have to correct them instead of tolerating it, they will grow thinking it's okay to make mistakes repeatedly. 

Do not compare your child to others like telling them that other is best while your child is not, you are the parent you should be on your child's side. Do not praise other kids in front of them it will make them develop insecurities.

I am a parent myself, it's hard to be one but I am trying my best to be a good parent so I can raise my kids well.

Thank you for reading!

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