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20 Sentences That Can Encourage Your Child: Part 1

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Parenting is one of the most challenging roles one could ever have yet the most fulfilling task on earth. Raising kids is not easy especially nowadays that kids are very fragile because of social media influence and peer influence.

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As a parent that always wants good for their children, there are ways how to encourage them to be the better person they must be in the future. It always started at home and your words of encouragement will be their guide.

Here are simple sentences you can tell them, it might be simple but could mean a lot.

1. You can do it

This is just a very plain and short sentence but could mean a lot to a child, this connotes that you believe in your child that they can do it, showing trust to your child can give confidence to them, so you must practice saying it more often.

2. Keep fighting

These words of encouragement can enlighten your child, it can give them a sense of assurance that you have their back whatever fight they have. Keep fighting child, I am always here for you it's like that. So keep encouraging them to fight and not to give up easily, life is not an easy journey so they must be trained to be a fighter when they were still young, so they can inhabit it until they grow up.

3. You have my full support always

Telling them that you have always had their back and support them on whatever challenges they do can encourage your child to keep going. Moral support is one of the strongest fundamental of growth, wherein a child grows and be a better version of themselves because they have all the moral supports that comes from home.

4. I've got your back

These statements are an encouraging one even during our adulthood, it's a great feeling to have someone who assures you that they have your back. How much more to a child? Children are usually attention seekers, they want their parents to fully have their attention to them, and giving an encouragement that you've got their back will make them feel secure and dare to go on.

5. I am very proud of you

Telling your child that you are proud of them will encourage them to do more good, that they have done good deeds that make you proud. All children desire to make their parents proud and showing or telling that you are proud of them would be one of their achievements.

6. You are very good at this

If they've done something good, appreciate them that they are good at it. Appreciation is a good encouragement to keep them do their best at all times.

7. You did a great job

Always appreciate your child once they've done something good or great, it can boost their confidence and belief in themselves.

8. That's a very good idea

Always listen to your child's ideas, it's one way of recognizing them and appreciate that their ideas are good enough.

9. Thank you for being helpful

Always acknowledge their efforts in helping you, in that way, they will never hesitate to help you in any task or anything because they know you will appreciate their little efforts.

10. I know you are doing your best

Sometimes children will face some difficulties, not all the time they will excel in all aspects but telling them that you know they are doing their best can enlighten them and console their feelings.

I will continue part two of this since it may take a long, so I planned to cut it into two parts, next would be the other 10 sentences that can encourage your child.

If you are not yet a parent then, just skip this lol. Kidding aside you can apply it to yourself as well, you can always encourage and support yourself its one of the aspects of self-love.

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Written by   31
1 year ago
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Here's another: "You're very beautiful/handsome, because you came from me!"

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1 year ago

Yes, that's what parents should do 🙃 Thanks for the tip.

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