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10 Ways To Deal With Your Child If They Are Not Confident

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Raising a child could be a difficult task but most fulfilling. Children need to grow up bearing confidence so they will not be intimidated by other people and easy to bully. Mostly naive kids are prone to bullying because they don't have enough confidence to defend themselves. As a parent, we must teach our kids to have confidence.

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Here are 10 ways how to deal with your child if they are not confident enough, by doing this, will develop their confidence

Do not compare them with other kids who can do things that they can't

- Comparing them to other kids will let them worst and they will develop insecurities. Never compare your child to anyone, always tell them that we all have different unique qualities that nobody is better and ahead of them, just help them to find their inner strength and help them cultivate it.

Let them know that they have your full support and encourage them to give it a try before giving up

- Always assure them that you've got their back, that it's okay to fail, and don't be afraid to try before giving up. Tell them that the ultimate failure is when you never attempted to try things out.

Allow them to do things and make decisions on their own

- When your child already understands things allow them to do things on their own and made their decisions, just guide and correct them if needed. Don't boss around them, it will never help them grow instead they will never know how to do things on their own.

Don't rush them to finish something, be patient and stay calm

-If you assign something to them at first don't rush them especially if it was their first time to do it. Always be patient and calm, they will learn to finish it eventually.

Give them some responsibility especially the things they can do well, let them take charge

- Giving responsibilities is like training them to be independent, if they can understand things already assigned task for them and let them take charge especially if they can do the things well, entrusting your child to a certain task can boost their confidence because you trusted them to do so.

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Don't help them do things the right way, let them figure it out on their own first

- If you assigned things to them and you already explained at first how to do it right, you don't have to help them all the time just let them figure it out. If you keep helping them they will eventually not learn and the more it cannot develop their confidence.

If they really can't do it, offer them a little help to make them feel that you've got their back

- If you see that they are raving an ard time doing the task correctly offer them a little help but do not do it all let them finish the task, this is just to show that you've got their back but not to spoil them. It will give them confidence because they know you are always there for them during difficult times.

Give them suggestions and techniques on how to succeed in doing something so that they will have some guidelines to follow

- When you assign tasks to your child teach them some techniques hon ow to do things the easy way so they can have some guidelines to follow. This will also train them how to apply some techniques on what they do to make it easier. It will build their confidence since they know some techniques from you.

When they succeed in doing something don't forget to give them a genuine compliment

- When your child succeeds in their task always give them ca compliment so they will know that you appreciate their efforts. It will boost their confidence and will always do their best so they can receive warm compliments from you.

Never give up on them

- Raising a child is not an easy task, sometimes our children have their weakest point that will cause our patience to un out but never give up on your child. You must be the first not to give up so they will not give up on themselves as well.

Ending thoughts

Confidence is a very important characteristic of a person must have, it will serve as the stepping stone towards achieving something, we cannot able achieve whatever goals we have if we don't have enough confidence in ourselves Successful people are always confident that they can be successful even if they had gone through a lot of failures. your children must develop it when they were little so they will grow up not being intimidated by others.

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