We Don’t Need Anymore Government Regulations; We Need a Voice (The Gamestop Hearing on Capitol Hill)

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We have to work against our own system, from the media to the government, so we can properly frame this situation. Let’s take that chance by telling our own stories and the issues we found important from this hearing and the GME event in the comments section below. Share the link to this to anyone and everyone so they can read our stories and our histories. This is not just my story, this is all of our stories. Regardless of why we were involved and what we stand for, we must stand together and share our truths. Share your story so the media doesn’t do it for you and then uses it against us. It is obvious that they will try to pin this on hate filled racist reddit boards running amok, RH, and anyone who was innocent. Don’t let them do that to us, tell your truth. Even if it’s as simple as “Money Money” or “Rocket Ship Emoji”  that’s fine too. The fact of the matter is, we were all screwed in one way or another. They deceived and lied to us, and no one is keeping their promises to us. We aren’t allowed a voice in all of this so we must work together to give ourselves a voice.

Let me start out by saying thank you for reading this, I understand it is long, but it addresses and brings to light some of the many issues that were brought up in this hearing. There are many issues at play because this was an extremely unique situation. This was an incident that allowed the little guy to upstage the men with deep pockets. However, our representatives are more concerned with playing damage control for these men. This hearing, and I'm sure the ones to follow, are a farce. Our government is letting these individuals off with a free pass. Not only have these men been given a free pass, they are also playing the victim in this incident and our politicians are sitting by and letting it happen with their help.

Here I am listening to Chairman Waters sleep her way through the hearing. She is supposed to be the representative of the people, but she doesn’t seem to be representing us in the way she should. She is not asking any questions or challenging those that are framing the event in a certain way. Already we’ve heard cries of Anti-Semitism and framing hate, when the many issues at hand are being ignored. Where is Sleepy Waters? Well her name tells us all we need to know. Also before any cries of Racism etc. let me say I am a Jewish-American myself. This event has nothing to do with Race, Gender, Religion or Anything like that. This is an issue about the rights of an average American vs the Elite.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, opens her segment with a soundbite to frame these reddit groups as dangerous zealots all the while saying things are “stacked against the little guy.” The very stacking that she is adding onto by really emphasizing the sad stories and ignoring the great successful stories. Sure, there are people who lost their life savings, and there was 1 suicide, but in a free market, aren’t these things just going to happen? I understand it is extremely sad for those that it happens to, but we are told we are free to make our own choices. Instead of focusing on the freedom of choices within our Democracy Rep. Maloney focuses on the anger and outrage to play on your anger and outrage. We are being set up and primed for the coming rules and regulations the government will be creating as a result of this event. The saddest part of it all, is that they are priming us so that we not only allow these new rules and regulations, we will celebrate them as protections for the little person. Maloney goes after Mr. Tenev, of Robinhood, who is clearly going to be the scapegoat of all of this as stacking things against the “little people.”

I know this sounds crazy but think about all the things we keep hearing from Democrats or Republicans and the way their rights are being taken away. Already reddit is being framed as a training ground for domestic terrorists. This is going to bleed over to any forum or message board the government deems “dangerous to National Security.”  However we are not Domestic Terrorists. I am here today to discuss just a little bit about what is going on from the human, empathetic side. It is the most ignored side of the argument, but focusing on the thoughts and feelings of the individuals that actually participated in this event can tell us so much more. 

Focusing on the Gamestop event alone, when I joined in, I joined in to make some money, but also to make a statement. That statement carried and resonated with so many. No one cared about Age, Race, Gender, Creed, Religious Affiliation,  or any of the noise we are told is important. We were banding together as a group to stand up to a market that has screwed us over time and time again. We did get the honor of some celebrities, and politicians “supporting” us only by tweeting and “looking” into the situation. What does that mean? A tweet from AOC and a webcast she promotes, that doesn’t address the situation. That is what we get from our government that is the representation we're given. The men of wall street? They get to go on TV before the American Public and describe in lots of big fancy words, how this wasn't their fault and how they were the victims.

Rep. Brad Sherman is going after Vlad of Robinhood again and really trying to attack him. Sherman attacked and tried to say that he was evading the questions and that he should run for senate. It’s kind of ironic coming from a politician trying to act like a hard ass, when he himself doesn’t do his job and doesn’t answer questions either. The hypocrisy we are experiencing here is heartbreaking and it shows the duality of America and the anger that is rising in all people. Our government doesn’t understand this anger because they are simply out of touch with people. 

Mr. Plotkon in response to Rep. Velazquez on short selling “If those are the rules we’ll follow them.” Why not tell us your feelings on short selling like Rep. Velazquez asked about? Why not discuss the dangers and how your firm takes advantage of these tactics and others that are considered illegal but legal for hedge funds and the rich. Why was this not the first topic focused on because the issue that gave rise to this was the enormous short position on GME. Shouldn’t that be the focus of this kind of hearing and not all the other noise? 

Instead we will hang RH out to dry, all the while getting a simple fine, and coming out smelling like roses. The focus will then shift to us and the censorship of us. We are showing that when we come together we are capable of amazing things. We can bring fear and panic to the market when we stand together and ignore the noise around us. The people who are separating us are the very people who say they want to unite us. We are constantly ignored, and the Democracy we were promised is no longer even a dream. It has become a thing of a “white racist past.” 

I know this sounds like conspiracy theory gibberish but think about what I said and what is so outlandish about it? Ignore the noise when you think about it. Focus on what these hearings are shaping up to be and the effects. It’s important you don’t fall into the trap of cheering on our further restrictions. Instead stand by your beliefs and stand by your friends and enemies, us citizens are not against one another we are all Americans. 

Rep. Scott is campaigning for his next election. I can already see his campaign video where it says “Sanding up to big business” Then it’ll cut to him asking “tough” questions” against “big business.” If you listen to him talking, it’s really just one large sound bite, you can tell he practiced this many times over in front of a mirror. He had to look authentic and caring after all. Where was he while this event was actually going on? “This is a serious threat to our previous financial system,” as Rep. Scott said over and over to really get those soundbites popping. He emphasized this over and over especially in relation to the influence of social media and how dangerous it can be. Here is one of your leaders in the movement for censorship. Why would he emphasize these things while ignoring the many other issues threatening our “Precious Democratic Financial System?” 

Over and over we are met with politicians that have pre-prepared questions, making it seem like they are tough on big business. This dog and pony show is sadly just the beginning of this event. From here on out there will be different focuses and different things emphasized. Before this hits the news, make sure you stand up and talk to your loved ones, and your friends to let them know that we are not what they say we are. 

Rep. Loudermilk has already attacked us as conspiracy theorists. How convenient is it that he is planting that seed in people's mind that if we disagree with the governments description of events we are obviously buying into a "Crazy Conspiracy Theory." The important thing to realize is that they aren't addressing any of the actual events of the day and the way it unfolded. They are only telling you the saddest stories to play on your sympathies and to distract you from the real issues at hand. Shorting, restricting trading out of the blue, and regular American's access to information is being ignored. Instead we are given an event that unfolded completely and conveniently 100% legal, where the brokerage firms and hedge funds did absolutely nothing wrong. They played within the rules, which they create, and the ones who were played were the retail investors who were obviously lied to by the racists of WSB. It's awesome that our representatives aren't actually representing our interests but clearly acting in the interests of the corporations who were at fault. After all, these representatives are hand picked and funded by these companies and companies alike. No conflict of interest would ever exist in a situation like that now would it?

I understand I addressed many different topics all under one roof. However, when you listen to the hearings this is what is thrown at us. They do this for a reason and it is to divide us into smaller groups representing different things that we see as important. It is now more important than ever you look to your neighbor, brother, sister, and enemy, and reach out and shake their hands and realize we are fighting the same enemy. We are not being represented, we are not being protected, we are being hung out to dry. The sad part is they open everything up by saying that we, the citizens, are “extremely smart.” This plays on your emotions, and gets you to trust that individual, listen to what that person says without listening to that part and you’ll hear something much different. 

 Any money given will be donated to charity that will help individuals. I will show any and all proof required to prove that this was done correctly. I am not looking for fortune. I am just an average guy who is trying to do the right thing. I want America to hear from the people who were actually affected and from the many perspectives and real concerns involved. The ones I discussed are not the only issues and they are not more important than other issues. I just thought it necessary to put a step forward and stand up for our rights. Again I apologize this is long, but this hearing tackled so many things that must be addressed and focused on. There are quite a few troubling signs coming out of this hearing and our focus needs to be there.

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