The last trip.

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It was first quarter of 2006 when my structure started to move and most parts engineered, modified and assembled in CRCC and shipped to ICF where I gets final shape within next 3 months. My feet imported as built-in Germany and air-conditioning unit came from Singapore.

On October 2006 final touch to my outer look by painters finished and I was ready to run at maximum 140 KM/H on track. My native country chief of CRCC came especially on my first run which gives a lot of encouragement to perform well and put my country flag high.

I bring down to MRW and attached with a brand new Locomotive on November 6, 2006 and my real life journey begins. I served millions of people who came to me , enjoy my ride and reached on destinations.

In 2019 , after 13 years of service and 100,000 KM traveling distance, fell sick and bring to hospital in MRW. Technical support team , technicians, fabricators, welders and mechanical engineering team put me back by some alternatives.

I was back on track after special care in August of 2019 and got 4 years more life after maintenance.

Today I am on my last trip and going to rest forever. I am completing my tenor of four extended years today on 7th of August 2023. I will be back in yard and wants rest , a rest forever because I am tired now , gone elder and can't bear the weigh.

I am proud on myself that I served my countrymen with my full devotion and loyalty. I never say NO to anyone and never care about race , religion, colour and position of the people whoever came to me for service.

I am a ZBXH passenger Coach, passenger carriage of Pakistan railways and it is my own story who is going to retire after fabulous career of service. A service for proud , sovereign nation of South Asia.

Writer of story with the passenger Coach on her last trip. ( 07-08-2023).

Abbreviations used in article.

CRCC: China railway construction company

ICF: Islamabad carriage factory

MRW: Mughalpura Railway Workshop - Lahore.

Hope you feel pleasure by my write up which I drafted during my recent journey with railway. Like , upvote and shower some satoshi if you worth it . Leave your feedback is comments.



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I'm not a fun tripper,people have varying preferences and comfort zones. If trips don't bring you joy, you might want to explore other activities or ways to spend your time that align better with your interests and preferences.

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Dear Amjad,

Your journey is truly remarkable and inspiring! Your dedication to serving your countrymen with unwavering devotion is truly commendable. Your story of service and perseverance is a testament to the importance of hard work and commitment. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Best wishes on your well-deserved retirement.

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3 months ago