Sexual Harassment , Say loudly NO!

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10th January 2022.

Sexual harassment is a abuse in any society. It is a behaviour of a person towards other which is offensive and humiliatingly. It can be in any shape of verbal or physical. Sexual harassment can be by physical contact , written comments , any offensive thing , any sexual gesture , sexual joke or questions.

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There was a time when this things victims by females only . They got such things in workings placed , markets , educational institutions. But now things changing and both are complaining about it from each others.

Our attitudes .

Our society believe on mostly to female soon and normally put guilty on males. So whenever any male makes complain of it , no one is ready to believe him but actually he was right.

Our society is low educated , Les aware of rights and laws , traditionally hidden pockets are main factors . Then internet access to everyone made it easy to twinch the mind of our youngsters. Love and romantic movies leaving impacts on sole minds where they think every glittering thing is gold which actually far away from ground reality.

Our Responsibility.

First of all as parents we must teach our kids about good touch and bad touch. They must know how to judge the behaviour , what limits they have , how restrict others in distance.

In our work place we should be a responsible person who respect others and if needed secure others too . Most friendly environment also gives whole in domains so be reserved and keep distance .

Harassment Effects:

Sexual harassment can effect any body's mental health . He/she can fall in depression , scarceness , negativity and can loose confidence as well. He/she will be afraid to face the gathering.

In long term the effected person remains fearer and depressed. All the time he thinks about revenge and rescue. So he can't made any focus on his career. Some times this depression leads to more complicated cases as mental illness , heart failure and sucide .


in any case of such act , we should take firm stand against it. Here tolerance means will be acceptance . Talk to offender straight away that his/her attitude is unacceptable. Inform at respective way , Talk to your friends , parents about it . Don't feel shy by talking even to your brother , husband. Silence will work for you as poison.

Always say loudly NO to anyone who try out such harassment to you . Very first no will alarm to other about his actions and he will think ten times before doing it again.


Plagiarism checked :

It is my own content and thoughts.


Thanks for reading it . Leave a comment for feed back .

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Yes thats right

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2 years ago

Being one who experienced harassment what I can say it greatly affect my trust with men, even my relatives.

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