Positivie Effects Of Social Media

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January 18,2022

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In today's world almost every body using social media less or more. Just 20 years back people have very less options to be connected each other. But as technology grew , social media Makes its roots more strong and deeper. Today the information about world are under our fingers.we are connected to the people around the globe.we are sharing our information , images , videos , documents to people through it.

Social media has a huge positive influence in our life we are going inspired , influenced by the things. It becomes hottest tool of engagement and influence.

Governments , people and although every one is involved in it and using . Although lot of negative impact are there but I want to talk its positivie Effects on our society and lifes.

Politics .

Social media playing a vital role in the politics of any country. It gives penetrations to voice and access to huge audience in less times. we are observing now that every one talking about politics & inflation in every gathering. It is due to sources of media for stack holders to convey Thier opinions instantly and made their mindset accordingly. Now in election campaigns the role Social media is key to success.


Social media becomes a essential part of economic value to any country. How much people got empowerment and employment generated this section. May be in millions reduced the unemployment . Social media has great part in any country,s economy. Just like Facebook or Amazon , how these sites playing role in economic development.

Sales & Marketing.

Social media gives boost to marketing and sales as a manufacturer getting his costumers around the globe . Same costumers are getting Verity , preview of products and even now paying the cost through it. Traditional physical stores are replacing by virtual stores and products flying over the boundaries of the country.

Online shopping , payments , Tele conferences and webinars becomes possible after this form of media.

Education & Learning

Social media gives a new dynamics in education. The wave of Covid19 pandemic gives opportunity to it more. Far learning and online classes gets possibility because of this . It becoming new hub for online earnings as lot of sites paying its users against the engagement. Social media is best for innovation , creativity and learning. It providing better opportunities to the people who are skilled by presenting their work to millions of people.

It becomes biggest source to learn new things in art , technology, crafting , Crypto , blockchain and online teaching.


Social media bring prosperity and empowerment in lot of people. Especially in females of our society where the job restrictions for them and going out from homes restricted. They are useful citizens with earning status .


Social media becomes a big source of earnings. Lot of sites paying to users against their engagement , creativity and skills . Read.cash is one of them where users paid in shape of BCH. It is strongest element in social media in recent years that it gives opportunity to everyone to earn while sitting at home. He can show his skills , telent and fun on these platforms.


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1 year ago


Everything you say is true. For me the effect of socmed becomes good if it is only used correctly and properly. Some people say that all excess is harmful so it should be used in a limited way. It's not bad to be dependent on you for using it but for me, let's not let social media control us as human beings.

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1 year ago

Exactly, we should drive it without any addiction.

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1 year ago

Yes you are right ..as the social media has bad eimpact on new generation as well as the good impact on it .. social media is the needy thing jow a days to make yourself update for every field

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1 year ago