Congratulations !," Daughter born" A vigilant true story .

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Birth of daughter in family still not feel good at some parts of world. Backward areas , illiteracy and unawareness , lack of religious beliefs and arrested of ego people not go happy on the birth of daughter.

This world is full of swinging storying around we witness every day. Mostly our own mistakes gets place in character and nature has its own law to give turn to any one. I am sharing a true story with you .

One of my friend,s name was Jamal. His appearance was a superb quality. He was most beautiful , handsome and physically active amoung all . He grew up and falls in bad society . He always run behind the girls. He always has in mind the girls are like shoes in feet. If one day we saw him with a girl Flirting in the park next day with a new girl was his right hand game. Then proudly he told the inside story to his friends.

He ruined the life of a girl Shazia who was drowning in his colors but he put remorse on her forehead. Actually she wants to merry him but he refused by saying that my parents are not agree . She lost her Every thing and disheartened . She told him that may be it was my destiny. But I pray to God that He should be punished to you and If you have children in your destiny, then I pray that your first child should be a daughter. ”

later after , his mother visited a girl in the family and send them message for a relationship. After a while, he got married. When her wife announced the good news of the arrival of a new guest in the house, he was very happy. he did not step on the ground.

During pregnancy they made some tests and ultrasound where all reported a boy. But the day of birth the staff of hospital says Congratulations, daughter born !!! The nurse who came out of the operating theater addressed him.


Suddenly he remembers the words of that girl (Shazia) that if you have kids , first child should be daughter . Again staff said sir "Congratulations, the daughter born."

It was raining on his mind as to whether my daughter would repay my sins? "I have a sore chest .Why would she bite? Tears were flowing from his eyes. Has any Jamal been born for my daughter? Would it be possible for me to be innocent? There were no words, there were hammers and The chest was growing. There was a picture of surprise passing by.

He went to nearby mosque and knee down. No, my lord. Punish me for my sins. My daughter is innocent . He cried loudly and beg for mercy . He wanted to scream, but the voice was buried far away under the weight of his own deeds. Like children, without saying anything, weeping and keep weeping . The mercy of almighty falls and he feels some peace.

From that day he becomes a Nobel person , preaching always for truth and right path . A totally changed Jamal we got.He devotes his life for humanity and good deeds. A incident changed his entire life.


Every one made mistakes . The brave person Always Confess and not repeat again . Almighty God is best listener , beg from him forgiveness of your mistakes and promise for not to do again . He is most merciful and gracious . Jamal did the same and change his life .


Thanks for reading it .


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