Brands, Reality & Craze , My Experience.

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Now a days everything has a trend of brand. The Craze at its peak and becoming the symbol of status . People starts to measure the identity of modernism and richness through brands.

My experience at Brand :

A friend of my wife came to see her just couple of days. She leaves this gift ( brandism) at my doorstep. After some insists of wife we go to a clothing brand today . It was a big hall , neat & tidy , well organized. Staff looks great in decent uniform. We got a warm welcome at door. A smiling lady opens the door and greets us which looks so good . They treat us like a very important ones to them . Wife selected some shirts , got the bill ( A handy one ) , paid and came out . No doubt the quality was good but the price charged was too high ( for me it seems) .


Actually this brand craze reached to every corner . From fashion , clothes , shoes , cars and mobiles are becoming symbol . The marketing of the brans gripped the people and continues advertising on all channels makes people mentally arrested to them .

Now our society decided into two parts . One who can afford and buy other one who can't. First one has no problems about pricing and options but second one falling in mental stress and declassing.

Other Face:

Brands never compromise on their quality . So the prices are higher bit . Quality makes any brand more popular , trustworthy and reliable. Trust on brand is victory for any manufacturer. Then they has a good chain of communication , research and development inside. Which ensures the quality , demands , trend , likes and comments of costumer.

Brand Stands For :

Brand is a name of uniqueness. Name , product , logo , slogan and trade sign all should be unique. It develops through lots of variations . The history shows that it has existence even in Ancient times. Different parameters and kind are

  • Organisationsl brands like Google

  • Non profit brands like NGOs

  • Blockchainchain brands like BCH.

  • Public brands like social media hubs

  • Entertainment brands like Disney.

  • Fashion brands like Olivia

  • Electronics brands like Samsung

And many more . So uniqueness , product availability , Access. Quality , durability , heart touching slogan , compatibility and advertising for awareness in people made any brand a successful venture.


No doubt brands makes a good space in every field and it is connected with affordability. The Craze of brand is healthy but our middle class society it becomes a dream of many and putting them in feelings of declassing.

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