Books , Our True Friends.

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3rd January, 2022

Greetings everyone ,

Books has history almost 5000 years old when people starts writing on the stones, leather and Leaves. The experts of architecture found the different writing scripts around the globe which was written in stones and leather.

it was twelvth century when Chinese succeeded to invent the paper from the wood. Evention of paper gives new philosophy. Then later invention of printing machine took place. At the end of eighteenth century a big collection of books on leather and paper was in Baghdad.

The first ever concept of public library comes into reality in Oxford and Milan in the end of seventeenth century. Time passed and library culture gets boost around the globe. Now every country has many library points and every educational institution had its own books collection.

It is our biggest unfortunates that we are far away from reading books. We are "Pakistan" has rank 69 in world on book reading. We spent only 6 minute/year for it where Europe has 100 hour/year reading time.

In 1960 the internet access reached out and the digital publication developed and first time the concept of digital library rise. Experts transfer phisical books into digital form quickly and the access of people to them spread rapidly.

In last ten years of 20th century conversion of books into digital comes a top trend because it ease the life of people. They search any book , page, topic within no time. It also gone more faster when transfer able technology comes as people enable to transfer books from one device to other and download it from any digital library.

One more thing assets this formats that digital library is environmental friendly as it saves thousands of trees to cut down for paper. Uses no space keep as a small device can store thousands of books.

Some people argu that the physical books are going to disappear now and only digital books are future of next generation. But I disagree because untill now big publication institutes are printing millions of books and readers like this version a lot.

World leader like Barack Obama , Bill gates , Imran khan, Mallam adamu and others still not only reading physical books themselves but they also leave comments & recommendations for others.

The biggest source in world for knowledge is books in any form and version. We must spend our quality time in reading the books to enhance the knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

So it is my opinion phisical books will remain in priority even in this digital world. What you say?

Thanks for reading !


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