BCH Empowering our Females!

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Almighty God create the human with specific values and qualities. Both men and women has same ligimit right of living. In some things men has upper hand as earnings , security etc and in some things women has upper hand as motherhood , care , house keeping etc.

In our society ( mostly male dominated) never gives the basic rights to grow well for girls. From very early age girls treated as second aggrandise . A birth of girl not liked mostly by father nor his relatives . They wants a heir or crown prince for ownership of property. Girl went to a complexity as she treated in low aggrandise . First priority went to boy in food , wearing , education , facilities etc. When she grow up in that environment , she thinks herself bounded in rituals and self made laws. Always she listened that don't do this , it is not for you , you are bad luck for us etc.

When she reached to mature life , the elders of house decided for her future . Most important decision of her life being made without asking her wish , desire .

Role of BCH!

In our society the girls not get chances of jobs , business as men have . Then the Reasons stated above also comes of importance. Mainly parents thinks that girls should sit at home or soon merry to them . Even educated class was sitting at home uselessly and unwanted restrictions owned.

BCH gives them a way to live . A new horizon to survive even sitting at homes. They feel the importance in them . Now I know personally lot of females who are very good content writers and earning handy amount . This empowerment making them confident , concious and brace. New wings of self employment and financial independence.

Read.cash , noise.cash , memo.cash and other sites gives support to them to show their skills and abilities and in return they generate financial assistance to themselves and their families. They are equally telented and skilled , just need exploration which these plateforms doing.

BCH becomes a source of happiness and prosperity in many families where the females earnings through these sites while living under there family traditions and customs.

BCH playing that role in their life which should be a welfare state do . BCH is a name of revolution in poor families which turns luck in their favour. Now the females also wear well , live well , dine well because of this empowerment by BCH.

They are praying for its growth , strength and sustainability because their happiness is connected with it.


Thank you so much for reading my effort.


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