What you need to know about affiliate marketing, how to get started - Part 1

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I hope you are all very well.

Today we will show you how you can easily earn money by promoting affiliate offers with Google Ad. If you read this article with a little effort, then you can learn how to promote affiliate offer on Google and start earning money by campaigning in the next 1 hour.

Let's get started then, what did you say?

Making money online is not a very difficult task, if you stick to it, and keep going the right way.

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing online, you just have to look at a few things.

1. Aim to fix

2. Fix the niche

3. Join the affiliate network

4. Select good quality offers

5. Landing page design

. Writing good quality articles

. Generate visitors

Let's find out now.

Google Ad is the # 1 platform for getting quality visitors online. Because Google is the largest search engine in the world, where millions of people around the world search every day for various information and to buy products. So if a person knows how to advertise his product or service in Google then he will never have to read financially, he will be able to sell his product quickly by adding ad in Google and earn as much as he wants, because Google Ad There is not much hassle to pay and it does not cost too much money.

Now many people may ask the question, I have nothing to sell, I have no shop, no product or service that I can earn by selling on Google, then what should I do? How can I earn money by giving ads on Google? Is there a way for me? Yes, of course there is. There are many businesses around the world that are looking for people every day who will sell the products of that company or person only on the basis of commission. That means you will only sell the product of that person or company, every time you sell his product, that company will pay you commission. Now think, if you can sell 5 products in one day, the price of that product is 50 dollars, the company told you, we will give you 10 dollars as many times as you can sell this product of 50 dollars, then think once, you today If you sold 5 products then 5 x 50 = ড 250 you sold for the company,

Now the question is how to start this affiliate marketing and how to start earning money by selling through Google?

For that you first need to find a good offer from a good affiliate network. For example, I assume that you have joined any of the M4Trix / Maxbounty networks, after joining, you have found a good offer. You can find out by sending a message to the manager of your affiliate account which is the best offer at the moment? Then he will tell you everything.

The name of some good affiliate marketing network

  1. Maxbounty

  2. M4Trix

  3. MaxWeb

  4. AdWorkMedia

  5. AdCombo

Now you have to make a beautiful landing page on top of the offer you got from your affiliate manager. What is a landing page? The landing page is a beautiful article about the product you want to sell, where you need the product, why you should buy it, how you can solve the problem if you buy the product, and so on. The landing page may also have a nice video on top of that product, some pretty nice pictures, previous customer reviews, discount offers, etc. Below are some examples of landing pages.

The name of the site for making some good landing pages:

  1. PureLander.Com (cheap)

  2. ClickFunnels.com

  3. LeadPages.Com

Here are some of the things we need to know in order to promote affiliate offers on Google:

1. You have to select a good one

2. Must join a good affiliate network.

3. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

4. On top of that offer we need to design a beautiful landing page.

5. Now you have to promote that landing page every day.

Now let's talk about promoting landing pages.

You cannot promote your selected affiliate offer directly to Google or Facebook, it is against their ad rules. So to promote affiliate offers, we must create a landing page. When the landing page is ready, our only job is to send visitors or traffic to it.

And that's why we use Google Ad. Because Google is the # 1 traffic source in the world. The only two things you need to do to get Google Ad are:

1. A Google Account

2. An endorsement (US $ Dollar) supported MasterCard or credit card

You can easily get the first one, but you have to have your own passport to get the second one. If you have a passport, you can use EBL - Eastern Bank Ltd. You can get an Aqua / Aqua card from which you can easily start the ad on Google. All you have to do to get this card is to go to any branch of EBL with your passport, national identity card and Rs. 565 / -.

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