What is content writing? How to start content writing

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In order to know better about content writing , we first need to know what content means . Here in Bengali if content means content .

When it comes to content for the purpose of writing, then content is what you have created through your own technique.

Simply put, when you write an article using your own experience and knowledge, it is called content. Suppose you recorded a video on a mobile phone, added some information and edited it nicely,

Then you can call this complete video a video content. Remember that content is not just content created through writing. By content we usually mean 4 types of content,

Audio content: Content recorded by word or voice. E.g., FM, podcast, etc.

Text content: Content that is created by writing is called text content. E.g., articles and books etc.

Image content: Content created by editing different types of images is called image content. For example- Graphic, logo, template etc.

Video content: The content that is created by combining different types of videos together is called video content. For example - YouTube video , movies, web series, etc.

Hopefully you can easily understand what content is. So let's find out from below what "Content Writing is".

What is content writing? (What is content writing)

Content writing is the process by which you create your own content. Simply put, content writing is writing that provides information on multiple topics.

These writings can be on different topics. Such as- Blog Articles, Stories, Personal Reviews, Product Promotion Reviews etc. Content writing is basically written by researching keywords on a topic.

And with this keyword, that content can be found in different places through search engines. If you can be a good content writer then you can do content writing job as a freelancer.

Moreover, you can do the work of content writing in your own home online. Then hopefully, I can explain what content writing is.

What is a Content Writer?

When a person creates or writes content using their own knowledge, experience, techniques and skills, that person is called a content writer.

Example: I write articles on various topics for my blog site "sofolfreelancer.net" . That's why I'm creating content by writing articles, that's why I can be called a content writer.

How many types of content writing? (Types of content writing)

Of course, there are different types of content writing. There are many platforms on the Internet where different types of content are published.

As a result, different types of content are created according to the needs of different platforms. As a content writer you can create different types of content as per your taste.


Blogging: Here you have to publish articles on a wide range of topics. There are basically two types of articles or content written for short or long information for blogging.

Copy writing: This type of content is written for marketing or promotion of a company. The main purpose of writing this article is to increase the interest of people to buy by promoting the quality of the brand.

Social media: A company creates a brand online to promote or market their product or service, etc., creates a page or group on social media and writes or publishes small interesting interesting content.

Creative writing: The writing through which a writer displays his creativity is called creative writing.

Expert writing: When an expert writer researches any subject and writes with complete details, it is called expert writing.

News writing: Here all the news related to the news is written. Here is a short article about everyday life. News writing is done on various types of online news, social media news pages, news websites.

This type of content writing is widely used today for the purpose of promoting, branding, or marketing online businesses. Moreover, you can write content of your choice.

How do I become a content writer?

Remember, you don't need a course to become a content writer. If you are a well-read person and can read and write well, then you too can be a content writer.

However, the most important thing is to have an interest in your writing. If you want to learn new content writing and earn money online then take a look at the following.

1. First you have to choose the niche of your choice. That means finding out what you know best.

2. Gradually move on to becoming a successful Content Writer when you find a toffee of your choice.

3. You have to be creative all the time and learn new techniques. You can increase your skills on writing by watching videos from YouTube.

4. Keep writing something every day and keep correcting your mistakes. This will gradually improve your writing.

5. Go to different blogs on the internet and see how the articles are written.

. Create your own free blog website to keep up with your writing and keep writing about your choices every day.

. Must have reading habits while writing. If not, get in the habit of reading. In this way you can learn a lot from the writings of others.

. Words must be used correctly when writing articles. If you do not, your writing will be difficult for visitors to read. Therefore, learn and learn well about the language you want to write in.

9. There must be something interesting in your writing. Otherwise people will not like to read the article. So always try to write articles with interesting and fun style.

10. You must try to write all the informative content by researching about the topic you are going to write about.

If you can work on the above ideas then you can easily become a content writer.

What we learned today

So friends, from today's article we have learned what is content writing . If you like my article, please share it on social media below.

In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please let us know in the comments below. I always try to share accurate information with you. So hopefully you like this article on content writing .

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