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A New Pandemic Disease. Covid-19 part 2.

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4 months ago

Here is my Second post regarding Covid-19

After getting responses from my first post i have made my mind to write about it. Today i will try to discuss about the structure.

Corona virus, also named Novel corona at first which means a new strain of corona virus. after figuring out the strain scientists named it SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). it's also called RNA virus as it's genetic component is RNA ( Ribo nucleic acid). It's a respiratory virus as it affects the respiratory tract primarily.

It has an envelope (outermost layer) including single stranded RNA genome and nucleocapsid. it has club shaped spike which project from surface. This spike helps the virus to attach with a contact person.

Thank you..

Stay Safe

God Bless.

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Thank you for this information..keep updating us more about current situation!

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4 months ago

Yes I will try. Hope so i can make another post to cover it.Thank you again.

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4 months ago