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Looking Small Boy But He is Old

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1 year ago

The "baby" in the picture is Dennis Fashurine, but wait! This is not a small child at all, but a "man" who was born in 1987 and is 33 years old today.

In the interview, Dennis said that since he was very young, his parents had noticed that he looked much younger than his actual age.

Because of his height and facial features, he still looks like a schoolboy.

 They spend their time more freely and carefree, hunting, fishing and being happy with their families.

The question is why he is a child despite coming of age

 Look like? In response to this question, Dennis said that he is not interested in knowing this, that is why he has not gone to any doctor or specialist to find out why he looks so young.

 There are very few people who look like minors even though they are very old.

Have you ever seen people like that?

They look like immature children, even though they are very old.

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