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How to learning English

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9 months ago


How are you my dear group mates ? I am also well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am lying on my bed and practice in my favourite group. Can I know What are you doing now


What will I do after learning English. We need English very much in every step of my life. Actually You want to learn so be active regularly.

There are many ways you can learn English. Such as you can see English movie, to read English newspaper, English text book, English story books. Must be you have to 30 comments Search English Group everyday.

I am sure you will be improve at English. I am desperately learn English. I hope that My wish will come true one-day.

However , The future of the person who can do English will get a bright good job. To be a fluent speaker, You can contact foreigners fearlessly.

I am hardly try to learn English. Please pray for me.

No more today. Next time I will write another post InShaAllah.

Allah Hafiz.

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Written by   66
9 months ago
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