Crypto Currency Down Should We be Expecting Green??

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1 year ago

Happy New month to you all, am glad we made it together in good health, how are we enjoying our first Sunday of the month?? Hope y'all went to church???

Let's head straight to the topic before any further discussion..

Crypto Currency Down Should We Be Expecting Green??

Well lately the entire market is down bad and there is only 4 options:

  • 1). BUY MORE

Most people do consider the Dip as a bad moment but they are actually wrong because the market is filled with ups and down... Its just like nature because most times it rains and most times its sunny...

Yea most times the Dip seems disappointing but if you take a look at the bright side its actually a huge chance for you to buy more...

Yeah you might have already lost some money due to the Dip but if you buy back in there is a possibility of you making tons of money whenever there is a pump...

  • 2). HOLD

Most people already know how the crypto market works and they don't get bothered whenever there is a Dip, of course they know they are not in the profitable side but they still Hold On For Their Dear Life...

If you invest on a promising project then I believe your rest assured of getting your money back with some profit added to it, but its only gonna take time so its best you keep holding...

  • 3). SELL OFF

Most people do get scared by the Dip and they just don't want their portfolio to be at the losing side so what they do is sell of whenever there is a Dip, but most times selling off is the right thing....

Most times selling off is actually the wrong thing coz you might sell off and within a blink of an eye they would be a bull run... Before you buy back it might already be too late or you'd lose by buying back in a high price....


Selling off with a better plan?? What do you think that plan is??

Selling off with a better plan of buying back when its down bad, for example let's image Bitcoincash is at $380 and a dip came and it went down to $360...

Now you then sell off at $360 with a hope of it going below the $310 so you can buy back with more profit....

I think this one is more interesting because you'd end up owning large quantities of the coin or token...

So here is what most people need to know about their coins or token, just because a coin, token or stock has gone down in price doesn't mean its a scam coin or the coin is dead...

DYOR After you have done your research enjoy the ride both in the good and bad times, invest and forget about it for some time... For the long term holders, Just invest and move on with your life and after a long time maybe a two come back and see what you have made...

Hopefully your investment would have yield something great...

My BTC And BCH 2022 Price Prediction

There are 7 months left in 2022 and for sure we might get to experience a two or maybe three months of solid growth in the crypto market!!


In my opinion BITCOIN is not hitting $100k, but I see it at $60k and with the ATH of $70k maximum...

As of the time of making this article BITCOIN is currently at $37k and its getting closer to its new resistance level...


I actually don't have a price Prediction for Bitcoincash but it would be nice if we can end the year with a wonderful price, maybe a solid $700 would be ok or who knows if it could even get pass that...

Yea I know the market isn't what anyone could just predict but I think its worth trying to do so and as of the time of making this part of the article BCH is at $277 and it seems $270 would be its low resistance level...

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Closing Thought

Its a new month guys, let's keep our heads up and focus on our new goals for the month... With enough dedication to it those goals will definitely be achieved, create time for your self and don't let negativity stop you from focusing.... Stay positive and keep grinding, happy new month fam!!

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1 year ago


Bitcoin does not fall easily, it makes more sense to keep it. But of course, my opinion is that it should be taken when there are serious decreases in a certain period.

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1 year ago

We all are hoping for the best, let's stay positive and watch nature take its course

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