Wake up with Amnesia

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Published on: October 04, 2021

Done drinking Milo and the pouring has stopped. I overheard that there'll be an upcoming typhoon again? Or I think I am just hearing things. Weird.

As defined and explained by Cleveland Clinic, Amnesia is a dramatic form of memory loss. If you have amnesia you may be unable to recall past information (retrograde amnesia) and/or hold onto new information (anterograde amnesia). Amnesia, in the Greek language, means “forgetfulness.”

Amnesia is far more complicated and severe than everyday forgetfulness. Forgetting what your spouse asked you to pick up at the grocery store is “normal.” Forgetting that you are married can be a sign of amnesia.

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to wake up with amnesia?

Don't laugh really. Silly question, is it?

The moment I heard about this word "amnesia" or the loss of someone's memories, I just got more curious with how did they felt about it?

Does that felt good?

You wouldn't remember most, or everything...especially those hurtful memories you had?

Just a little research, Amnesia has different types as ff:

  • Retrograde Amnesia

    You lose your existing and previously made memories. In a more specific sense, you can't recall your previously made memories prior to the event that caused the amnesia.

  • Anterograde Amnesia

    This is referred to as the inability to form new memories after the event that caused the amnesia.

  • Post Traumatic Amnesia

    Typically seen on movies and dramas, this type of amnesia occurs immediately after a a head injury. Associated either by anterograde or retrograde or both.

  • Infantile Amnesia

    Also dubbed as "childhood amnesia" that deals with the fact that a person cannot recall events at an early age due to their developing brains.

  • Dissociative Amnesia/Psychogenic Amnesia

    A mental health disorder where a person has experienced amnesia after significant traumatic events.

  • Transient Global Amnesia

    A temporary syndrome of memories loss which lasts up to 24 hrs.

Although as portrayed in most fictional stories, movies and dramas, amnesia in real life is not usually as severe as they represent where a person losses all of her or his memories including his or her name and entire identity.

Relatively, this became an expression specially among my peers. It's as vivid as crystal when my classmates used this to refer on someone's either embarassing moments or yes embarassing moments.

Who have done something embarrassing yesterday?

And then, they'll sing in unison "I wish that I could wake up with amnesia" in oder to tease you.

Aside from that, there are a few more reasons why people wish and or half joke to waking up with Amnesia.

Someone have hurted you

You know the pain? It's like a hanging grand chandelier. It's a colorful, bloody reminder. It's like a scissor, a blade that cuts your flesh, then let's you bleed nearly to death. Memories that reminds you, keep you falling deep to the shell of agony. Then you may even wish to wake up with amnesia. You'll forget the pain, not because you are coward but because it's to much to deal with. You'll forget, maybe about everything and start a new or crawl back to who you were before.

5 Seconds of summer has a song entitled "Amnesia" and that basically talks about losing a love interest, a breakup, the comparison of before and now. Basically, the heartbreak is hurtful enough to provoke that someone to wish to have an amnesia.

You did something embarrassing

No, you are not human if you've never done something qualified to be categorized as "embarrassing"! Have you? I suppose coz probably, with a hundred percent as in 100%, aside from the temperamental bot aka Rusty, my readers (of there are) are all human, or are you a vampire? were? a witch? Oh no! Basically that is not an option. You are definitely human and that gives you the title to do embarrassing actions as well.

You are tired dealing with your problems

You might find yourself exhausted trying to fight all of your battles. Can't you just have Amnesia so you would no longer deal with them? Debts, inner battles and or traumatic events to be specific.

If you have debts to pay

Oh no! You don't have to have Amnesia in order to forget your debts specially to your circle of friends, yah?


All abour amnesia

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Just imagine the pain & frustration of those people who suffer this one! Can't even think about it.

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Haha, sometimes amnesia would be good 😉

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There are days i could really use one of those amnesias🤣🤣🤣

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