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2 years ago
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September 07, 2021

I'll edit this tomorrow. Good night everyone! Happy unattended day! Kidding! Hahahah. I really have to sleep now.


How does it feel when you call someone,

Yet he put down the phone?

How does it feel to do it your way,

Alone, struggling and confused?

It was just today,

The most tiring day of the week,

or maybe just the start of more,

challenges as I face the reality.

Funny how I thought I won't need help,

Or I won't call anyone,

Or maybe it's just today,

The day of being unattended.

I saw he picked up his phone,

when it was someone else's call,

I remembered, he said it a few times,

Before living for someone else, we've got to live for ourselves.

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This reminds me of someone who always dropped the phone everytime I called. So sadddd .

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2 years ago

Knock knock unattended.. 😁 By the way, have a sweet dream. ✌️

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2 years ago

It's good to realize unattended issues....

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2 years ago