The guy from last night, the nagger, and the outburst

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2 years ago
Published on: October 15, 2021 @12:51PM

The night was cold last night due to the friendly pouring of the rain. It could've been gentle to my ears, to find peace at its every fall on the cold concrete and our old roof. The dancing of the rain is certainly amusing when zipher decided to join in the swing, feeling gleeful as they both swayed the leaves of the mango tree uprooted beside our neighbor's gate made of bamboo. Inspite of the dark I could see how the harsh wave of wind able to swing from inconsistent direction the little leaves and small branches. It's even possible to say that a not so sturdy house was dancing a little due to the blow of the cold wind of that night.

Swinging my grandma's hammock, as I was just done with my dinner, I heard incoherent voice from across the road, where my loud neighbors were residing. It turned to be a guy's voice. After few more words, no longer a murmur but of voice full of complain and rage at once. I then recognized who it was. The visayan husband of my far, too far of a cousin.

My interest and curiosity got the better of me so I got up to have a better look. It was a a bit dark tho. But that didn't stop my curiousity.

There was another voice aside from the guy's. As expected, it was from the wife. The nagging wife. I myself have witnessed how much she nags her husband almost everyday. I don't know but the guy was certainly with long patience as he managed to never speak, until his wife's anger wane off. But last night was different. He lost it.

Was it not enough? His patience, understanding and hard work were not appreciated. I've seen his dedication to give something to his family and that he forgot to provide for himself, even just a mere underwear. But,his wife has bagged too much supply of jealousy. Assuming that when he was out, he's with another woman, or when he would come back home later, he was cheating. Last night, he uttered all his complain yet the close minded wife, clouded with utter jealousy never did listen.

That commotion attracted a few more audience. Especially us, my mom, my aunties and uncles. Although we are already used to their loud fights, including physical violence, and yep, spicy degrading, insulting and accusing one as well, we've heard enough not to bother. They were even tagged to be "mad" people with such routines everyday, even our Barangay captain is already tired with their antics. Ah, family problems.

Back with those married couple, they ended up okay the next day, I think. I don't know because I haven't seen them both nor heard another round of verbal fight consisting mainly of accusations towards the guy. He even said from last night that he's tired dealing with such family, I don't know if he's serious with parting ways with them or continue to deal with the nagging. But, I won't be surprised if he ever do that. Because? His wife made him do that.


Anyways, it's not that I'm against nagging. Wives, according to some experts are expected to do the nagging because they feel more responsible with keeping the family, that's why, seeing and noticing early signs of possible cause will surely drive them krazy (lol) accusative I mean.

I know, cheating is really normal. And wives will be more paranoid if their husbands will show signs but I guess too much nagging, accusing without concrete evidence will surely drive your relationship to nothing but falling and breaking. They will be pushed to do that, affirming your claim.

You know? Husbands are human too. They have feelings and ego. Stepping on it will make it worse. Making them feel worthless and small will drive them nuts, and most don't want that, do you?

Listen, you chose him because you trust and love him, he chose you because he loves and trust you.

If this ever fails, I think relationship won't last. You know? Trust is essential to every relationship. It's either he really broke it, or you are just too paranoid.

Thanks for reading, up voting and commenting, people! That means a lot to me.

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2 years ago


I can clearly understand why the guy snapped. Because I saw that same thing with my partner during the times when jealousy got the best of me. Guys don't like being nagged too much let alone being accused of cheating when they're clearly working tirelessly to provide for his family. But then again I cannot blame the wife either because I tend to nag too. And good thing that they sorted things out between them. I just wished they resolved it privately rather than shouting to let other people hear their argument and judge them later on.

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2 years ago

Seems like the wife had no trust on her husband. It's not a healthy relationship at all, maybe the best way to resolve that is to part away, it's not healthy at all if they have kids, their children will be affected by their fights.

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2 years ago

Totoo. Laging ganon ang nangyayari e. Laging inaaway ni babae si lalake... Kaso may dalawa silang anak. Yan ang reason kung bakit kahit toxic na ang relationship, nag sstay pa din

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2 years ago