The bright side of the interruption

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2 years ago

Saturday, August 8, 2021 (#7)

I've realized that, we can't live without the presence of technology and electricity but...

Alas! There'd be no electricity for today! That was my thought after realizing that it was indeed Saturday. I wasn't able to full charge my phone. So, i crammed and finished my article "Me during the weekend" before the power left us.

I heaved a sigh of relief once i was able to click the publish button. Yahoo! Atleast my saturday won't be in vain even if the power go out for a while, right?

At 9:00 AM, there was no longer electricity. My uncle said it'd come back at 6:00 PM. So we waited. Past 6:00 PM yet there was no electricity to light up the dark rooms and pathways. My cousins and auntie were complaining about why it was late. Now, they could not watch on tv or browse on their phones looking for a good kdrama and movie. Eating and doing chores would be difficult since it's dark. Deep inside, i was complaining too since i wouldn't be able to make a draft for today and i should be washing our dishes.

It was dark so we used "Gasera", a burning fluid fuel was our temporary refuge at the absence of electricity. This has been used even before electric lighting was invented. The looks only evolved, tho.


We were outside spending the dark night, waiting for the power to comeback. We were undeniably eager to charge our phones and open the bulbs around the house. Tho, it's past 7 pm and there's no surprise of electricity. With the help of our tiny source of light, we were able to eat dinner together, silently.

After which, i did the dishes. Once done, i walked out of the house. I noticed some of my family member were in group talking with each other. Of course to reduce their boredom. How about me? I usually walk every night, have a little strolling before going to bed. But today's different.

Looking up the sky, the beauty and the twinkling of the stars were undeniably bright and happy. Seems like they've gather today, no one's absent!

Across the street, i could see some folks talking and laughing together. My grandma's inside her house lying on her comfy small bed with her favorite grandchildren. They were talking nonsense and would laugh loudly. I joined in.

You know what? There's always a silver lining to every misfortune, or a good side to every bad happenings. I hate brownouts or sudden interruptions but some days, I'd be glad for it.

  • Away from radiation

We've been so immersed to using gadgets. I am guilty for that fact too. I've been spending my time browsing, and using my phone which is really bad. My cousin, Jeneca has been complaining about her eyes. She said it gets painful and throbbing sometimes. Ah, so this is good for her.

  • Bring families closer- literally

One thing I've notice is, families talk more often during this time. I mean the talk, the serene one. The happy one. I will hear stories about something I've never heard before. Maybe they can pull good stories when there's only silent and darkness around us.

And when sleeping time, children would sleep with their parents due to the fear of seeing "ghosts" or forming black entities at the back of their minds by just staring at the infinite darkness.

  • Early sleeping

My, my, my, sleep. Some hate to admit but they are afraid of the darkness. This make them fall asleep earlier. That's a good thing since we will get to fill on the missing hours of sleep we never had on the previous days.

  • Talking under the stars

It's dark. Lovers can talk intimately, or just talk about random sweet things, hmm? Or one could simply talk with the stars and moon alone.

  • Silence

No TV's, no phones, nothing. In a fleet we were in silence. Only the crickets and the sound of the night could be heard. And the vehicles passing by as well. I took this as an advantage to enjoy the night, the silence and the relaxing feeling it brings to me.

Ending Thoughts

So it's not that bad. For sometime, but not so often you know. Hahaha. I'm happy to share with you my thoughts for today. Good thing the power came back last night, but i was too sleepy to even care.

Published this 8th day of August 2021

Thanks for reading!

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2 years ago


You are right. It was so good sometimes that it was have power interruption but what I hate when it's blackout is the mosquitoes biting me every where and it's so very hot that I couldn't sleep properly 🙄

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2 years ago

Hahaha Yan nga ang prob Pero katol lang sapat na. Pag wala talagang kuryente pamaypay na lang. Kaso di naman makatulog ng maayos

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2 years ago

Brownouts or power outages do bring rest to our eyes. I remember when I was younger, summer power outages will bring everyone out of the house. So neighbors start talking to each other under the bright moonlit sky.

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2 years ago

Yuppp madalas din ganyan. Maganda tingnan wag lang tsismis na mapanira na

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2 years ago