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8 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
Topics: Life, People, Night, Poem, Thoughts

#1 May 31st, 2022

Bright hue as it starts,

Walk by like in a rainbow,

Unending as per belief,

Tho it is few steps to reach.

Weaved and saved a thousand of memories,

In a shelf a certain one shares,

Incomparable with artificial,

As its power celebrates.

Amidst danger of a confidant,

One tea was never spilled,

It was how one valued,

As she does to keep.

Of heart so welcoming,

Each laugh and smile that cheers,

Warm embrace that soothes,

Kind words to remember.

As bright as it starts,

A certain day must arrive,

Of the day its end must meet,

Albeit unwanted to whom to say?

Someone's end is another's beginning.

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Absolutely love it.. missed your writings for few days now am here to enjoy them again.. especially the last paragraph, hits different to me that I sufferd a lot and always found that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

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8 months ago

It's so nice to see you again—here! Thank you thank you for visiting 🤗

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7 months ago