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I've been writing for four, no five months 1 year but ain't active and I admit, Writer's block, procrastination and plain laziness are constantly waving at me, inveigling me to postpone what I planned to do, and somehow I couldn't count how many times they were able to convince me to throw my will out of my window.

Most of us have dealt with this few times. And the truth that we are just human who, are expected to be coaxed(for we believe we deserve to rest) and also to run out of either motivation and fireballs of creative ideas.

Have you noticed it? There are days that you are so full of motivation to start or continue what you do and then the next day, you would feel so wrongly lazy as if your way is too cloudy and too challenging and the thought are the ultimate reason why you are driving down the drain.

Are you out of stock?

When was the last time you did an inventory? Or were you not able to make one for the past months? Why? Don't you think checking and analyzing the state of yourself, your financial, mental and emotional state do not matter? What made you think they aren't? Well, you are definitely wrong about that. (And I too, am very guilty).

The reason why we constantly feel demotivated in life is because of the present events and happenings that have a direct impact to how we will live afterwards. What are on our plate basically affect our stomach and that will surely reach our head creating blows of headache. Yep, that's that. Events can be good or bad. Tho bad events can effortlessly embrace the good ones leaving us with the bad ones. That is why, it's utterly good to occasionally check ourself and create our self inventory. One of those is:

  • Motivation

Honestly? With what happened to you in the past and at this very moment or at the end of the day will surely affect your motivation. Add ons or approaching to negative value depending on how that event or situation appear to you and if, all are bad, you will be left with almost nothing. Nada.

Refill yourself

It's now how you can easily refill a water container or a vehicle with and they will be fine. To us human, it takes more than the physical refilling. It should start within us.

Realize. Draining and continuously draining. Refilling your motivation would require you to realize the truth that your motivation to continue is draining already— that's something that happened to me. The worst thing I did is I let it happen. But, I'm still seeing some ways to rectify such mistake in the past. Hope you do too.

Identify what could motivate you. It can be a person (your family and friends) or something you love to do (hobby). It can possibly someone who is successful in a field you're interested in and lost motivation at the same time.

Develop, maintain and keep your positive outlook in life— even if life is full of surprises and disappointments.

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I have made this platform easier for myself, through sharing the material in format of experience. Inshort my daily blogs. But right now I'm studying because tomorrow will be my last Paper. Afterwards I'll be back to track.

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Ey that's nice. I on the other hand couldn't write in such format. Ah. Have to find my niche— but ain't got a clue :(

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