Can you not be kinder?

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2 years ago
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Wed, August 2021

Imagine someone asking you for a favor but in the harshest manner possible? I've been confronted by that many times. And I hate to admit it but mostly, those who have the greatest gut to abuse their power are our relatives.

I won't enumerate each and every one of them but here's some.

  • When asking you to buy them a cigar, liquor, or other necessities. Yeah, that's a necessity for them. You ought to expect them to say please? "can you please", "can you buy me this or that?" and other request phrases you've read on your english language textbooks and files.

  • When you arrive later than they asked you too. They will start to shower you with insult at how pathetic and useless you are. Profanities are your payment for rendering your service.

  • You were asked to perform this certain task at their instruction e.g holding something on their behalf (when they are trying to fix something) When you fail to follow that, the n boom! Their anger will explode.

  • When you didn't hear what they've said and then ask for a repeat. Lol. The first word will be painful.

  • Will shout at your entire stupidity.

  • etcetera.

Some will be able to relate on this especially those who have been living on the same compound with their abusive relatives. Some come so extreme that even the victim's parents will be involved, then start the real fight.

Pretty clear, they are plain commands. But them acting so almighty is something I've been rooting to know why?

When is it a command? Boss. Employer. Since there is money, salary, payment involved, one could say that it's okay to call it a command. Then in our relatives part, what is it? Abuse of power. You know there's a belief that they are on the higher position than us (e.g, the siblings of our parents, our grandparents) the oldies in our family tree. So when they ask you for a favor, no, let me rephrase that- when they order you to do something you'll need to oblige to show that you respect them.

Okay, I don't have any complain about that "showing respect " part but mind you, are they worth our respect? When all they do was to abuse the little power they have over us. As if they enjoy enslaving us- which is very very wrong.

What made me write this was because of some situations where I saw my brother and cousins being treated so badly. I felt so bad for them. When all they do was to follow but end up being scolded still. Where's those parents? What's done has been done. The damage has been incurred to the victim so why bother? Even my mom or dad flush fire of fury, there'd be no much change.

The best way is for 'them' to know that their ways aren't so cool.

To those a**holes out there

Dude, you're just asking. Can you be a little bit kinder? I promise you, being kinder when asking for a favor or an order won't hurt you and your ego.

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2 years ago
Topics: Kind, Command, Favor, Belief, Power, ...


There is a saying; relatives are like scorpions.

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2 years ago

I believe that everyone should treat ech other kindly.. Being kind is the least we can do with all the grace and favor that God has given us❤️

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2 years ago