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In these pandemic times, the role of parents has become fundamental. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the main aspects that will help the best development of our children.

On the occasion of the celebration of Children's Day, I have met with representatives of the children I currently accompany in order to know and deepen in these aspects for the best accompaniment and understanding that allow a life with greater fullness and well-being.

For a long time it has been thought that the educational aspect refers to acquire knowledge or have information that allows to have a lifestyle, when in fact, the word educate (from the Latin exducere) also refers to bring out, let out, that is, to bring out what we have inside or the potential that we already have.

When I first learned about the steps to wellness from Roger Walsh, a professor of psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology from California, I said Wow!!!! I have been practicing those steps with children, here I expose them according to my point of view and my experiences with children.

We find these aspects for Life in our daily life, in every moment, from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. They are simple and straightforward and part of us. I will mention them one by one and their importance.

This aspect is also a need of our physical body, which requires maintenance and movement to be in shape. Children know this perfectly well, they love to play, to have fun and this is provided by physical exercise.

Children are carriers of a great energy that needs to be channeled and this can be achieved by practicing some sport or simply running or riding a bike.

I have been sharing information with children for some time now, as well as practicing, elaborating healthy recipes. It has been difficult for me, this process with parents and adults who care for children, because when I make them the orientations of things to avoid in children, few understand the importance of this aspect, it is fundamental, especially in the first years of life, the physical and mental development depends a lot on what they eat.

I have two children who are currently 25 and 17 years old, with the first one I was totally unprepared and uninformed about food, with the second one I understood that if I did the same as with the first one I would have the same result. So I prepared myself, learned and applied another type of feeding.

The result with the first one, continuous visits to the doctor, with the second one, stable health and good defenses. The conclusion for me is that food is the fundamental basis for the health of our cells that are responsible for keeping our body healthy. I have learned about biocompatible foods and about regenerative medicine, which is based on healing the body only with food.

Both children and adults like this aspect. One of my first work activities I did was when I was 16 years old, working in vacation plans in INPARQUES as a recreationalist, there I enjoyed learning about cooperative, ecological and recreational games,

It is about promoting a healthy recreation that allows the child to enjoy, focused on activities that allow them to develop some skills such as motor, manual, memory, intelligence, body expression, artistic expression, cooperation, among others.

Contact with nature, with the earth, with animals, children love it. We are a little piece of land, being with nature gives us energy, tranquility, balance, we belong to the earth and it is important to maintain that connection, play with the earth, walk barefoot, play with my pet, breathe fresh air, receive the sun at the right hours, sow plants, make gardens.

There are cases where children believe that they get dirty if they touch the earth, we know that these are learned concepts, but little by little when they are in contact with it they change their perception.

This aspect is very important, relationships both with ourselves and with others should be based on respect, understanding, cooperation, love, gratitude, sincerity, acceptance. We can teach children to understand the other, to put themselves in the other's place.

As parents we should avoid comparing them with others. Do not label them so that they do not do it with others. Competition separates us, cooperation unites us. Encourage good relationships in children, starting with good example, a fundamental basis for transmitting, since children learn more from what they see and experience than from what we tell them.

Learning to relax gives children serenity, allows them to control their body in a conscious way, have moments of calm, the use of breathing is necessary to lower activity levels in children.

To relax is to let go, stop for a few seconds, rest the mind and body without being asleep, we can make use of the imagination by taking them to places that make them feel at ease and enjoyment.

Let's not think it will be very difficult for them to do it, as parents, if we invite them to have that moment of calm and we also do it, they will imitate it.

When they are small and begin to explore and see us doing some activity, they also want to do it. It happens that as they are small, we are afraid or we do not let them do it, time passes and when they are older we think it's time, but then that magic has passed for them and they are conditioned to do other things.

That's why it's important to take advantage of those first moments and make cooperation a habit. With my youngest son, at about 7 years old, along with the other children I take care of, I taught him a Japanese Konmari method of folding his clothes and 10 years later my son keeps his closet tidy, and of course this becomes a valuable contribution.

In relation to this aspect, each family, according to their beliefs, will guide their children. The important thing is that they understand and experience that they are formed by an invisible energy or spirit, that this spirit has its own qualities and that they are the guide in our life.

Learning to be silent, listening to the inner voice, learning to follow the instructions of that inner voice, and seeing others also as spiritual beings will help them to better understand the situations they face in their lives.

The Disney movie Soul, is a great resource for them to begin to become aware that there is something beyond what we can see with our eyes and that we just have to recognize and feel it.

I hope this information is useful for parents, future parents, educators, and anyone who has a relationship with our greatest treasures, OUR CHILDREN, Happy day to all Children!

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The parent should play a great role in this time of pandemic

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