the childhood and adolescence of the richest person in the world

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Ilan Mask is an inventor and well-known figure in the American advanced industry and one of the ten most influential figures in technology, known as the richest man in the world.

Ilan Rio Musk is an engineer, industrial designer, inventor and a well-known figure in the American advanced industry and one of the ten most influential figures in technology. He is known as the richest person in the world.

1- Ilan Musk made a small computer game at the age of 12

The name Ilan Rio Musk was first heard in Africa in 1984. The South African Journal of Office Technology and Computer has published the code for a game written by Mask.

The name of the game was Blaster and it had a spatial and imaginative atmosphere. The game had 167-line instructions and was related to a time when basic computer users had to type code to run programs. Of course, the game designed by Mask did not shine brightly in the world of science and computers, but it was much better than what a 12-year-old child comes up with. Printing these codes made him $ 500!

2. Ilan Musk loved the galaxy handbook for autostasis

One of the most influential books of his life was Douglas Adams, a free galaxy travel guide (galaxy guide for autostasis).
"Adams points out in the book that the most difficult part is what questions we should ask," Musk said of the book. Once you know the questions, it will be easy to find the answer. "I came to the conclusion that we need to increase the scope of human consciousness to find out what questions to ask."

3. Ilan Musk was born in South Africa during the apartheid era

Born in 1971 in Pretoria, a large city in northeastern South Africa, a few hours drive from Johannesburg. Traces of the racism of the ruling South African system were evident in his childhood, as the country occasionally became embroiled in the tensions and violence of this ideology.

4- Ilan Musk has German-Swiss roots on his mother's side

Ilan's maternal genealogy shows that his German-Swiss ancestors, surnamed Haldmann, left Europe for New York during the Civil War and from there to the Midwestern Plateaus, especially Minnesota and Illinois.

5. Ilan Musk's grandfather was an adventurous man

Joshua - Ilan Musk's maternal grandfather - was an exceptional and strange man and became a kind of Musk model. Joshua has been described as a self-reliant boy. The young Joshua was interested in riding wild horses, boxing and wrestling, and often suffered injuries to local farmers while taming the horses. He was the first person to stage an equestrian show in Canada. During the recession of the 1930s, he suffered a severe financial crisis. With the loss of land, he turned to a gypsy life. He was about 185 cm tall and did construction work and also performed programs on horses. Later he was looking for a new adventure. He chose to fly and buy a single-engine aircraft. Haldmann died in 1974 at the age of 72. While landing on his own plane, he did not notice the wire that was tied between the two poles, the plane's wheels got stuck in the wire and caused it to fall.

6- Ilan Musk's mother was a photography model

May, Ilan's mother, was a schoolgirl, very interested in mathematics and science. At the age of 15, people around her noticed his attractive features. With tall hair and gray blonde hair, prominent cheeks that attracted everyone's attention in any group. One of their family friends had a modeling school and trained there for a while. On weekends, she attended costume launches or photographed for model magazines. Eventually, Ilan Mask's mother became one of the finalists for the South African beauty queen. She continued modeling until she was sixty.

7. Ilan Musk's father was a mechanical and electronics engineer

Erol Musk - Ilan's father - proposed to May many times and finally, after seven years, succeeded in getting a positive answer from Mira! Orwell was a mechanical and electronics engineer and undertook major projects such as commercial and office buildings, arcades, residential complexes, and air force bases.

8- Ilan was so childish in his inner world that they thought he was deaf!

Ilan had all the qualities of a curious and energetic child. he learned very quickly and her mother, like all mothers, considered her child a genius. But the story was that Ilan seemed to be in another world. When he was in his own world, he did not react to the words of those around him, as if he did not really hear. This worried his parents, so they took him to the doctor for an audiometry. "Sometimes he can't hear you at all," said his mother. The doctors performed a series of tests on Ilan and decided to remove his third tonsil or adenoid, but this did not solve Ilan's problem, as his condition was more related to Ilan's mind than his hearing system.

9- Ilan was very educated as a teenager

"For Ilan, ten hours of study a week was normal, and on weekends he reads two books a day." At one of the family dinners and halfway through, family members noticed Ilan's absence. To find him, they went to one of the nearest bookstores and found him at the end of the hall, on the floor, studying!

"I got to the point where I read all the books in the school library. So I tried to persuade the librarians to order new books. "After that I started reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which was very useful."

10. Ilan Musk was in love with Asimov!

Ilan was very interested in reading fiction and picture books. The Lord of the Rings, Isaac Asimov's book series, The Book of the Moon is a Violent Mistress, were among his favorite books.

11- Ilan Musk is the child of divorce and he made a difficult choice

At the age of nine, Ilan and his parents separated. He went to a summer house with his mother with her three children. A few years later, Ilan decided to return to his father and live with him. Some believe that Ilan made this decision based on logic and others believe that the reason is the pressures of Ilan's grandmother.

Life in his father's house was going well. He had a whole book that Ilan could read. The money was ready to buy a computer and everything Ilan needed. Orwell was very alert and strong, but at the same time, he was satisfied with the strictness of his children, and even their childish mistakes were indigestible to him. "My father is definitely suffering from mental health problems and I'm sure Ilan and I inherited the same thing from him. My father's upbringing was emotionally challenging, but in any case, it has made us who we are today."

12- Meeting with a computer at the age of 10

When Ilan was 10 years old, he saw a computer for the first time in a shopping mall in Johannesburg. In one corner of an electronics store, several computers were for sale. "I should have had one of them and urged my father to buy one for me." Ilan soon acquired a Commodore VIC-20. A popular home computer in the 1980s that broke the computer sales record. Along with the device, there was a booklet that taught the basic programming language.

13- The effects of adventure and entrepreneurship in adolescence

Ilan managed the rest of the kids to make firecrackers and firecrackers. He made chemicals by combining them and putting them in cans, firecrackers and rockets. He once planned to start a video club with his chic cousins. But under the age of 18, they could not get a license. Their most daring masterpiece was their journey between Johannesburg and Pretoria. In the 1980s, South Africa was a country with a high rate of violence, and the 56-kilometer railway between the two cities was one of the most dangerous travel routes in the world. Between the ages of 13 and 16, they went to many parties in Johannesburg and did strange things.

14. Ilan was beaten at school!

One afternoon, Ilan and his brother, Kimball, were sitting on the steps of the school eating their food. One of his classmates decided to harass Ilan. The boy approached the Musk from behind and kicked him in the head. Ilan rolled down the stairs and fell. After he was thrown down the stairs, the whole group attacked him and hit him in the face and body. The Musk was immediately taken to the hospital. It took him about a week to get back to school. Ilan endured five years of dealing with this ruthless and bullying group.

15. Musk reads every lesson he liked in school well and reads the rest only to the extent acceptable.

"I was just thinking about what I needed to do to achieve my goal. We had to take lessons like the African language, and I really did not know what it was for. It was stupid. I was just getting a passing grade and that was enough. I had the highest grades in subjects like physics and computer. I had to have enough reason to get the highest scores. "I preferred playing computer games, programming and reading books to getting the highest grade in a course that did me no good."

16. Immigrating to Canada at the age of 17

Ilan left South Africa for Canada at the age of 17. Part of the reason for his emigration was his escape from serving in the racist South African army. He did not want to serve in the army and thought he would be taken to the army by force. There was no doubt that Ilan was thinking of going to America from the bottom of his heart. His passion for computers and technology had aroused a keen interest in silicon, but he knew the future of his dreams would take shape there. On the contrary, South Africa was at odds with his entrepreneurial dream.


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