Strange facts that change your perception of time

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Sometimes we think we know things, but the truth will blows our mind.

For example, it is truly astonishing to know that sharks are older than some of the older planets in the Milky Way galaxy .

Be accompanied by interesting facts that give you a new understanding of time.

1. Sharks are older than Saturn's rings

You would probably think that something like Saturn's planetary rings is older than all the creatures on Earth, but it is not. Sharks are much older, exactly 350 million years older. Recent research has shown that Saturn's rings are only between 10 million and 100 million years old, while sharks are 450 million years old.

2. Grass growth on Earth began shortly before the meteorite hit the earth

If you thought dinosaurs might be eating grass, you must know you were wrong. Films made about dinosaurs, such as Jurassic Park, have contributed to this mentality, as we see grass in many of their scenes. Although this film is not scientifically accurate, it creates a very vivid image in our minds. But research has shown that grass growth on Earth began just before the meteor struck the Earth, destroying the dinosaurs.

3- The suitcases were wheeled after the first landing on the moon

Man landed on the moon before the invention of the wheel for luggage. The invention was patented in 1972, three years after humans landed on the moon.

4. In the 1900s, paper did not have a standard size

In the early 1900s, a German standardization institute called DIN first introduced a standard paper size that was internationally recognized. This standard size at that time was called DIN 472. Today, the standard paper size is DIN EN ISO 216, which is the same size as A-series paper.

5- The first "high five" was created in 1977

Since this move is a common way to congratulate or celebrate a small victory, you probably think it has a long history. However, the "high 5" movement dates back to 1977. The move happened during a baseball game and has happened ever since.

6. TVs are older than chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate cookies are delicious and one of them is very enjoyable to eat while watching TV, but this was not possible until the late 1930s. Chocolate cookies were invented a century after television. The first televisions that were mechanical date back to the 1800s.

7. It was not common to wear a white dress for a wedding until the 1800s

Interestingly, it was not common to wear a white dress until Queen Victoria first appeared at her wedding in 1840 in her white wedding dress. Before that, brides wore whatever color they liked.

8- Knowing what the sun is made of

It has not been long since we realized that the sun is made of hydrogen and helium. Cecilia Paine Gippchen first mentioned in her doctoral dissertation that the sun is composed of these two light gases. Payne's claim was misunderstood at the time, as the sun was previously thought to have a composition similar to Earth.

9. Before 1930, we did not know that Pluto existed

Efforts to find the dwarf planet began in 1905. Pluto was discovered in 1930. Clyde Tamba took pictures of a part of the sky several times on different days and managed to identify this planet with the help of special tools.

10. Soft toilet paper dates back to around 1930

Strange, but until a century ago there was no soft toilet paper. Before that, there were wood chips in toilet paper.

11- The phone is much older than the vending machine

The invention of phone is very old, but not older than vending machines. The age of the vending machine is about 870 years older than the age of the telephone. The first telephone was made about 1,200 years ago, which was very different from what it is today. The phone was in the form of a string that connected two alkaline pumpkins. But the first vending machine is much older. This device was actually one of Heron Alexandria's inventions during his lifetime, which was done nearly 2,000 years ago.


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Excellent collection,
chocolate chips definitely went well with Black-and-white Tvs back in the 50's.

This is something that may not survive research:

"2. Grass growth on Earth began shortly before the meteorite hit the earth"

  • I have personally examined grass fossils in various geological settings.
    Dates for the genesis of grass will probably be pushed back much further than anyone guesses.

    One of the most jarring clues that grass will eventually, significantly, predate dinosaurs
    is that too much emphasis is placed upon coprolite evidence.
    Which came first - grass or coprolite - ?
    My guess is that herbivores evolved to eat already abundant grasses,
    and that grasses did not evolve to satisfy herbivorous appetites.

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3 years ago