Simpsons story; from strange predictions to wrong guesses!!

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The recent US election has once again paved the way for analysts' claims to predict the Simpsons animated series; Were the manufacturers of this Fox network product really prophetic?

Simpson's Theology; This is a headline chosen by a friend to address the beliefs of delusional fans of the political aspects of the Simpsons animation ; TV series that have long been used as excerpts on social media under various pretexts, and it is claimed that the creators decades ago have predicted where our world was going today and where the United States was supposed to stand; Ironically, Donald Trump will become the President of the United States, the United States will suffer from economic and social problems during his tenure, and so on and so forth.

So far, nearly 700 episodes of this animation have been made and aired, and the market has always been hot for its creators.

Ironically, the most important argument to prove this claim was the installation of Donald Trump in the White House. At the same time, some believe that such a situation cannot be proven due to the ingenuity of its authors or by chance. However, these days, when the task of the US presidential election has been determined, the number of those who by examining the alleged cases, believe that these cases are not a prediction, but an interpretation of the future using the events of the past.

Today, only the Simpsons are considered to be the forerunners of the new age who have not followed the facts of the last decade or two and have merely longed for the theory of conspiracy theories. If they go back a bit and observe the events, they will see that many of the things that are written on the account of the Simpsons' predictions were not predictions, but speculations that were made in the same years of production of this animated series.

Instead of giving the animators an unreasonable sanctuary to the animators and claiming that the series 'creators have connections to the higher worlds and know everything in advance based on Simpson's theology, they can even think that many of the series' predictions do not happen. They did not happen, but our world today is moving in the exact opposite direction of what they portrayed.

Honestly, we sometimes think that the propaganda of the United States media, one of its most important media outlets, Fox, which is one of the few media outlets close to Donald Trump, wants to tell us that it knows everything, even the future. Is this how we are supposed to be afraid of a false power?

Where did the Simpsons come from?

Robert Murdoch and Trump
Simpsons We do not have to go the hard way to find out where the Simpsons came from. The Simpsons family was first created by James L. Brooks in the form of a short animated series shortly before it began widespread distribution. He dreamed of a broken family based on the characteristics of his own family; Who do you know about Bart? He is, in fact, Mr. Brooks himself.

April 19, 1987 The series premieres as part of Tracy Allman's play. After three seasons, the series became a popular half-hour show that mattered to Fox. The network's first series aired between 1989 and 1990.

fax? The same media that Robert Murdoch was behind as his main stakeholder in the 2016 election? Yes, you read that right. This is the famous Fox media network. This has led some to see the Simpsons' controversial story, including the portrayal of Donald Trump's presidency in 1999, as a Trump-Murdoch media game that began two decades ago.

Some analysts even go so far as to believe that the Simpsons, with these media games of Mr. Murdoch, have propagated in favor of their preferred political current as if they are building the future as they wish with your help. Murdoch is one of the world's media giants, and the Simpsons, with all their power, are just one of dozens of important products of Mr. Murdoch's firm.

A broken family in an imaginary city like America
The Simpsons we know today are made by Matt Greening. He humorously portrayed the lifestyle of the Simpsons, Homer, Marge and Barthes, and the United States he loved. The series takes place in the fictional city of Springfield, which focuses on American culture, television communications and other human behaviors.

This collection, of course, refuses to pay attention to Springfield's location. Greening says Springfield bears a striking resemblance to Portland, Oregon, where he grew up. The name Springfield is a common name in the United States that is seen in 22 states, you think of it like Aliabad in our own Iran. The father of the family, Homer, works as a security guard at the Springfield nuclear power plant.

A situation that contrasts with his carelessness and stupid behavior. He is married to Marge Simpson; A housewife who is a creator of motherly stereotypes. They have three children: troubled 10-year-old Bartik, Lisa, an intelligent and lively seven-year-old, and Maggie, who can't speak but communicates by sucking on a pacifier. Although this family is fragmented, in several sections, their relationships and their importance to each other have been examined. The family also has a dog named Santaz Little Helper and, of course, a cat named Snowball V, who was later renamed "Snowball II" in "Me (Grant Annoyed) - Robot".

The longest running American television series

since December 17, 1989, until December 2017, 627 episodes of the animated series have aired and now its new season is over; So The Simpsons should be considered the tallest situational comedy television series; This collection, of course, reached this title many years ago; It was in 2009 that the Simpsons became the longest-running American series with the Smoke of Guns series.

Several claims of prediction came true

Now we have written here the claim of prediction, but you have read that we have written before, these are not predictions at all, but interpretations of the future using past and present events, and which are referred to today as predictions show interest in conspiracy theories. And unfamiliarity with the events of the last two decades.

Some of these interpretations later occurred in the real world, such as:
Pickup: One of the episodes aired in 1992 with a picture of 40 years later ending in 2032. In this scene, a hoover car passes Homer and Bart as they enter the cinema. In 2017, prototypes of flying cars were displayed.

Why not anticipate: Given the publication of science-fiction books on this subject many years ago, it was not difficult to refer to such a story.
Video call, etc.: In the episode that aired in 1995 for the first time, the whole story of this episode took place in 2014.

There were numerous references to video calling, smartwatches, satellite antennas, and the Rolling Stones' continued activities, all of which came to fruition.

Why not anticipate: Well, we should not forget that movies, books and TV shows have been talking about future technology and smartwatches since the 1950s. In addition, in 1994 Timex Detlink unveiled the first smartwatch capable of transferring data to a computer. The Rolling Stones have always been eager to get back together.

President Trump: In the episode "Bart in the Future", which aired in 2000, President Donald Trump was mentioned. In this episode, Lisa Simpson, who became the President of the United States, mentioned the bipolarity and bankruptcy of the United States after Trump's presidency in a sentence that became famous after Donald Trump won the US elections.

Why not a prediction: Well, as we said, this can not be taken into account; Trump has been pursuing the idea of ​​running for president of the United States since 1990 and has run in the by-elections. In addition, some point to a detailed video released in 2000 of Trump moving up the escalator in 2015, but in fact this scene was made not in 2000, but in 2015 after Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency.

Coronavirus outbreak: Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, social media users shared some of the animation and claimed that the Simpsons had predicted the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide. In episode 21, chapter 4 of this series, in a factory that is clear from the text on the boxes, it belongs to East Asia, and maybe a country near Japan, one of the employees sneezes and a virus comes out of his mouth and goes into the box. When those boxes reach the people of the city, everyone becomes infected with the virus, and the virus spreads throughout the city and becomes known as the "Osaka Influenza."

Why not Predict: Apart from the fact that the origin of the virus in this section is not related to China, but to Japan, we should not forget that the world finally has several major cases of contagious influenza such as Spanish influenza, 1958-1957 Asian influenza, Hong Kong 1966-169. And what he has shown in this collection, The Osaka Influenza, is an interpretation of the prevalence of pre-epidemic influenza.

Of course, the creators of the Simpsons TV series not explicitly claim that they were making predictions in their references to the political and social values ​​in the United States. It was mostly supporters of the "Simpsons prophecy" idea or illusion that fueled this claim.

However, now, with a few examples of the falsity of these claims, it can be said that even if there was a prediction, where it was completely wrong. We have said that most of the events that took place later, and this adaptation was taken into account by the Simpsons makers, were at the same time the production of parts related to these cases in American society.

For example, we said that Donald Trump had said in 1999 that he would one day become president, and well, that was the issue, and the Simpsons did it, not that they predicted this event by using inspiration from the unseen world. Well, now he did, and it really happened, and it was claimed that the Simpsons knew how Trump was going to the White House.

Well, this issue was raised by Trump himself, and they jokingly made Trump president in one of the episodes.

The opposite has happened:
Hillary Clinton's presidency: For example, after the end of Bill Clinton's presidency, it was speculated that Hillary Clinton would go to the White House after her husband. The Simpsons put him in the presidency; Something that never happened, neither in the same period nor in the next term of the presidency.

It was fake
to say that in the meantime, some people also took advantage of the hotness of the oven, and when they saw that some of the Simpsons' jokes were taken and later turned out to be true, they forged parts in the form of this TV series to gather the audience.

They knew that given the prevalence of conspiracy theories and the widespread belief that the Simpsons really knew the future, they could fabricate parts and attribute false predictions to the Simpsons and use their predictive credibility [!] To make their claims credible.

Trump's death: An example of this was the year 2017, when a website was portrayed in a fake part of Trump's death on August 27 this year, and of course Trump was not spared, and this part was not made by the creators of the Simpsons series.

What do they say?
Two years ago, Maya Salam, a well-known New York Times writer, went to the creators of The Simpsons themselves to see what was going on in their think tanks and whether they themselves believed in divination.

She published the results of his research in a note entitled "The Simpsons Predicted Many, Most of Which Can Be Explained." The journalist wrote that there is no world-wide crystal ball in the Simpsons Writers' Room, and that the authors of this series are not really the smartest writers in the world. "The future can be better predicted than anyone who thinks it is," Al Jane, one of the show's lead writers since 1998, told the New York Times.

The Simpsons episodes go on the air a year after production, and Jane says, "This is just the kind of frame of mind we think we have in the next year...

Don't the Simpsons makers want that? Do they not want us to focus on these stories as "predictions"? As we have said, some believe that the creators of The Simpsons have been trying to make it popular for many years by deliberately producing popular and professional collections, so that they can later incorporate any policy that governs the Fox network into the collection, and also with the wrong address. Wrap them in the following concept of "prediction".


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